Set or change an account password

There are a couple of different ways that you can log into your account. 

Login using Single Sign On (SSO)

Using the Login with Google and Login with Microsoft buttons on the login page allows you to use your Google or Microsoft credentials to login to without remembering a separate password. 

Login with a unique password

This option allows you to set a separate password for the account. This may be required if the account email address doesn’t match the email address you use in your organization. 

Set or change a password in

To set, or change, a password on your account, click on the down arrow symbol in the top right corner (next to your account email address). 

Select Account from the dropdown menu.  

Under Account Actions, select Password & Security

Set the new password and confirm it. There are specific requirements for your password:  It must be at least 8 characters and cannot contain common words or the words ycbm or youcanbookme.

Setting a password manually does not prevent you from logging in using Single Sign On. Both options can be used whenever required. 

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