How do I manage bookings on my own page on behalf of my customers?

How to take bookings on behalf of your client?

If you often receive bookings offline, you may want to enter them in so that your booker receives a confirmation email, and to prevent anyone else booking that same slot.

Here is how to make or enter a booking on behalf of your client:

  1. Visit your live booking page (the URL ending in
  2. Select the relevant time and date
  3. Fill out the booking form the same way your client would, entering their details and email address if available

How to change bookings on behalf of your client?

If you need to manage the details of  your client's booking you can do so through the bookings page.

Bookings > View bookings, and clicking the "Back to the old version" link at the very bottom.

Then select the booking, and click details:

And then click Edit booking fields:


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