What's the difference between a linked calendar, and a calendar account?

Linked calendar

A linked calendar is the calendar that YouCanBook.me checks for availability and possibly where YouCanBook.me adds new bookings.

In YouCanBook.me on your booking pages under Calendar & Teams, you'll see a list of possible calendars you can 'link' to. 

YouCanBook.me subscription pricing is based on the number of calendars linked across all of the booking pages in your account. If you link to your 'Personal' and 'Work' calendar to a booking page, your subscription will be calculated as 2 linked calendars. 

Calendar Account

A calendar account is typically linked to your email address, and contains multiple calendars that YouCanBook.me can link to.

One calendar account can hold any number of calendars, such as your Work calendar and your personal calendar, or your colleague's calendar if they shared their calendar with you directly.

When you first created your YouCanBook.me account, you were prompted to connect a Google or Microsoft calendar account. 

You can see which calendar accounts are integrated with YouCanBook.me on your Integrations page. You can integrate as many calendar accounts as you want, at no extra cost. 

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