Feature Comparison

With a free account, you get a powerful booking grid with basic features, and our "Powered by" branding. 

Why upgrade? Here's a comparison of what you can get with the paid plan: 

Feature Free Paid
Priority Email Support x
Add Markdown x x
Appointment types (offer a choice of durations and prices) x
Branding with custom colors
Cancel and reschedule x x
Check multiple calendars for availability
Configurable booking forms with unlimited questions x
Custom availability
Customize profile with CSS
Customize calendar event x x
Fixed booking duration x x
Fixed start and end dates x
Flexible booking duration
Follow-up notifications
Integrate multiple calendar accounts
Check one calendar for availability on one booking profile x x
Check multiple calendars for availability (priced per calendar per month)
Set a minimum or maximum advance notice for bookings x x
Mobile friendly grids x x
Unlimited booking profiles URLs x
Multiple bookings per slot x
Email notifications to booker x x
Padding before and after a booking x
Password protected booking grid x
Personalized booking link x x
Redirect to a specific URL after booking x
Email reminders before the event x
Remove powered for FREE branding x
Remove the Captcha test x
Send your notification emails via your Gmail x x
Set prices for your services x x
Set weekly schedule x x
SMS reminders x x
Take credit card payments x x
Team availability x
Tentative bookings x
Robust timezone support x x
Upload your logo x x
View/export booking data
Webhooks x
Zapier integration x
Zoom integration x
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