Changing subscription frequency

There are a number of subscription options. You select the subscription renewal when you upgrade. 

  • Monthly subscription - no obligation subscription, pause or cancel at anytime 
  • 12-month subscription - paid in full, includes a 10% discount, can be paused at anytime
  • 24 -month subscription - paid in full, includes 20% discount, can be paused at anytime 
Payment must be made by a credit or debit card. We do not accept PayPal, wire transfers or checks. 

To adjust your subscription, select Billing from your Account settings. Then click Change billing cycle. 

Adjusting from monthly to yearly

When adjusting from a monthly to a yearly cycle you will be charged the difference between the total cost of the 12-month upgrade and the monthly payment you've already made.

Adjusting from yearly to monthly

When adjusting from a yearly to a monthly cycle, your account will be credited the difference between the 12-month payment you already made and the monthly subscription costs. 

Future subscription renewals will be drawn from the account credit before the card on file is charged again. 

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