Can I pay yearly instead of monthly?

Yes, there are a number of subscription options. You can select the subscription renewal when you upgrade. 

  • Monthly option - you can opt to pause your account at any time and reactivate it later
  • 12-month subscription - includes a 10% discount 
  • 24 -month subscription - includes 20% discount

If you need to change the subscription:

  1. Log into your account
  2. Select Billing
  3. Click 'Change billing cycle' to select from Monthly, Yearly or 24 months.   

Note: We only accept valid credit and debit cards for upgrades on We do not accept checks or POs.

NOTE: If your account Billing page doesn't look like this image, it may be because you are on the original version of We will be discontinuing that version in 2018 so it is no longer possible to pay for an annual subscription there. But we would love to speak with you about migrating to the new version where 12 and 24 month subscriptions are available. Get in touch with us:

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