Make booker verify email on booking form

To ensure your bookers are entering a valid email address on the booking form, you can ask them to verify the email address on the booking form by entering it twice. If the two fields don't match, they will see an error message.

Set up the booking form

Under Booking form > Questions add two questions to your booking form.

  • Both questions need to be set to question type "Email"
  • Both questions need to be set to Required
  • Both questions need to have the same shorthand code EMAIL
  • The two questions need to listed be one after the other on the booking form

If you aren't creating the second question directly underneath the first email question, you may see that the system won't initially let you use the same shorthand code EMAIL twice. To get around this, Create the second email question and temporarily tag it with a different shorthand code (EMAIL1 for example). Save that - then move the question to directly underneath the first question. Then you will be able to edit the shorthand code as EMAIL.

If your booker enters two emails that don't match, they'll see an error and won't be able to complete the booking until the emails are matching.

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