Why are my booking times wrong on my live page?

You've set your available working hours under Times & availability, but your live booking page is showing different booking times. What's the issue? 

Solution 1: Check the timezone we are detecting from your linked calendar
Solution 2: Check the timezone of your live booking page. 
Solution 3: Check your working hours settings. 

Timezone of your linked calendar

Navigate to Times & availability > Language & timezones. Here you will see what timezone we are detecting from your calendar. If this is not correct, you can adjust it in your linked calendar settings

If we are detecting UTC timezone from your linked calendar, that is why your available booking times are displaying wrong.

The UTC setting is "under the hood" for some calendar settings. They then add a bit of a veil over that and show  you everything in your time zone. But they show us UTC. We read your timezone as UTC, which is several hours off your time zone so when they add the veil in for your view so the times display incorrectly.

The best way to handle it on your booking page is to override the time zone setting. Uncheck the box next to "Automatically detect time zone from my calendar" and then select your time zone from the drop down.

Timezone of your live booking page

If we are detecting your timezone of your linked calendar correctly, but when you visit your live booking page the times are still wrong, check to see what timezone the booking page is being displayed in. 

This is because we are auto detecting the timezone of all visitors to your booking page, based on their IP address. Although this method is usually correct, it can give a false read if you are using a VPN, location masking services, or checking from a mobile phone. 

If you anticipate that all of your bookers will be in the same timezone as you, you can uncheck the box to automatically detect the bookers time zone. Then everyone who views your live booking page will see the available times relative to whatever timezone we are detecting from your linked calendar.

Check your working hours settings

If your timezone settings are correct, verify that your working hour settings are also correct for your desired working hours. For example, you didn't enter 12AM instead of 12PM.