Can I add an attachment to the booking form or confirmation email?

The booking form and confirmation emails do not support attachments. However, it is possible to add a link to an online storage site (i.e. Google Drive, Dropbox) to the booking form and email confirmation. 

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Link to a file on your booking form 
Link to a file in your confirmation emails

Link to a file on your booking form

Add a new question to your Booking Form. 

Select type > Block of Text. In the label field use  Markdown to hyperlink to the site that is hosting your attachment. This link will open in the same window, so you may want to tell your bookers to right-click on this link to open in a new tab. 

Add link in Confirmation Emails

Navigate to Notifications > Actions > After New Booking made. In the Email Content box, use  Markdown to link to your attachment.

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