How to view SMS Messages that have been sent

Using SMS reminders and other notifications is a powerful way to reduce no shows and make sure your bookers are on time for their appointments. SMS messages reach your bookers no matter where they are with a quick text message reminding them their appointment is coming up soon.

To view the SMS messages that have been sent on your account, navigate to the email address in the top right corner of your settings.  Select Account, and under Account Usage, click View Messages.

Reasons a SMS may fail:

  • The booker didn’t enter a valid mobile phone number on the booking form
  • The phone number question on the booking form was not Required and the booker didn't provide a number
  • The Question Type Phone Number was not used on the booking form
  • Not enough credits on your account to send the SMS
  • {ACCOUNT-MOBILE} is blank and cannot receive SMS

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