Share video meeting links for your appointments

If you are scheduling support calls, sales demos and webinars you can share meeting links for each of your bookings with a number of different tools. 

Add a static meeting link in your event location
Creating unique meeting links with Zoom
Use Zapier to generate a unique meeting link
Creating meeting links with Gruveo

Add a static meeting link to your calendar event

If you use a static meeting link for all your meetings on your video conferencing platform of choice, you can enter that link in the calendar event description of your calendar event. As long as Invite participants to your calendar event is toggled on, your booker will have the event automatically added to their calendar with the meeting link. You can also include the meeting link in your confirmation and reminder emails

Video: How to create a static Google Meet link

Use Zapier to generate a unique meeting link 

You can use our Zapier integration to create new meeting links for each of your bookings on tools including. 

Whenever your client makes a booking through, Zapier can automatically create a new meeting link in your video call or webinar tool.  It's an easy set-up that saves you a lot of time.

It's important to note that, when the booking is made, the confirmation email is sent from immediately. So it isn't possible (yet!) to have the meeting link added to the confirmation email that the booker first receives. 

But you can create a 2-step zap that creates the meeting link and then EITHER creates a draft email for you with those details (then you can simply click send for that draft to go to your customers at any point before the meeting starts) OR it can zap to your calendar to create an event with the link that you can use to invite the attendees.

Check out our ready made zap for GoToMeeting to see how this would work.

Adding Cancel & Reschedule Links through Zapier generated emails

If you want to add cancel/reschedule links to the email you're sending using the zap, you can create those using the booking ID. These links are always the booking link URL, with a c= and the ID of the booking, which you can get as a field from in your zap. So it would look like this:

cancellinkzap.pngWhich would result in a draft email like this:
If you want to create a reschedule link, then it's the same thing, but with r={ID} instead of c={ID}.

Creating meeting links with Gruveo

If you use Gruveo for your video meetings, you don't need to use the Zapier integration. You can simply create the links using the booking ID. In this case, the links can go out with the confirmation email. Here is a help page from Gruveo that explains the steps:

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