Setting up Appointment Types

If you have different types of appointments to offer, different length appointments, or different prices for different services, you can display them clearly on your booking page with our Appointment Types feature.

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Setting up Appointment Types
Organizing appointment types on the booking page
Set prices for Appointment Types
Select multiple appointments in one booking
Referencing Appointment Types in confirmation emails
Share direct links to specific appointment types

Setting up Appointment Types

Go to Edit Settings and under the Times & Availability section select Appointment Types. To activate the feature, toggle the switch to On. The initial appointment will be created and called  My Service. Click the pencil to edit the name and duration, or the trash icon to delete it. 

Add additional appointment types to your booking page by clicking Create new appointment type.

Edit the  Intro for appointment type selection section as this is the first text your clients will see when they land on your booking page. 

For each appointment type you add to your booking page, you'll set the name of the service, the duration of the appointment, and the cost of the service. You can also upload an image to better describe the service. 

πŸ’‘ It is not recommended to use Appointment Types if you only offer one service, as this will result in an extra click for your clients.

The length of your appointments are determined by the grid display you set under Times & availability > Duration and display. You may need to change the grid display to offer alternative length appointment types.  

Organizing appointment types on the booking page

If you have a long list of appointment types, it can help to organize them into groups.  

Below the Intro for appointment type selection box, select the option to Divide them into groups, and then select how you will separate each group, by colon, semi-colon, or a dash.

Then edit the title of each appointment type to include the category name, and then your separator. For example, if you select to organize your appointment types by colon (:) you could name your different types:

  • Sales: Discovery call
  • Sales: Full demo 
  • Success: Kickoff call
  • Success: Onboarding training
  • πŸ’‘ The text before the separator must match  exactly, and the appointment types must be grouped together in order on the Appointment Types page (all of the Demo group listed together, all of the Technical Call group listed together, etc)

    Set prices for Appointment Types

    If you want to inform your clients the price of your service before booking, add a price for each appointment type you add to your booking page. This price will be just for informational purposes, and you can refer to it later in email communications using the shorthand code {PRICE}.

    If you integrate your Stripe account and activate Stripe on your booking page, visitors will be required to make a payment before they complete the booking.  

    To take payments for bookings but offer some services for free (ie. free consultation) set the price to $0 for that appointment type and the booker will be able to bypass the credit card payment form for that service. 

    πŸ’‘ To change the default currency symbol, navigate to  Booking Form > Payments

    Select multiple appointments in one booking

    You can allow a client to book multiple services in the same booking. The total duration and price of all appointments will be added together. The client will not be able to select different days and times for different appointments. Appointments that should fall on separate days should be booked separately.

    Below the  Intro for appointment type selection box, select the option to Select more than one in the same booking.

    πŸ’‘ You can offer add-on services by creating appointment types with a 0 minute duration. At least one other appointment on your booking page must have a duration greater than 0 minutes. 

    Referencing Appointment Types in Confirmation emails

    Use the shorthand Code {TYPE-NAME} in your confirmations and reminders to reference the appointment type(s) your client has booked. 

    Create Conditional statements based on {TYPE-NAME} to customize the body of the confirmation email to your client based on the type of appointment booked. 

    Use {TYPE-NAME} in the calendar event title so you can see what types of appointments you have at a glance. 

    There may be times when you already know what type of appointment the client requires,  or you don’t want to offer a choice of appointment types to all clients.

    In this case, you can send your booking URL with the appointment type pre-selected. This will automatically assign the correct appointment type and will skip the page displaying all the appointment types. 

    You'll pre-fill the booking page URL using ?SERVICE=. To link directly to a specific appointment type you offer, use the URL string:

    So if we wanted to send a link to a client allowing them to only book a Discovery call we would share the link:

    The capitalization of the appointment type name must match exactly in the link as it is on the Appointment Type section. Any spaces in between the title should be replaced with a + sign to prevent the link from breaking.

    Learn more about our shorthand codes here.

    πŸ’‘ You can also add {TYPE-NAME} to the Booking page intro under General, so the client will see what type of appointment they are booking as they are selecting a time.

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