Setting up Appointment Types

If you have different types of appointments to offer, or different length appointments, or different prices for different services, you can display them clearly with our Appointment Types feature.

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Setting up Appointment Types
Quoting back Appointment Types in Notifications
Booking Multiple Appointment Types
Organizing Appointment Types in Groups

Setting up Appointment Types

Go to Edit Settings and under the Times & availability section select Appointment types.

To activate the feature, just toggle the switch to On

It will create a new appointment type called My Service. Click the pencil to edit this appointment type, or the trash icon to delete it. 

You can also edit the "Intro to the appointment type section" as this is the text your bookers will see above the selection.

You can add as many different options as you'd like.  Include the name of the Appointment type, and a description and set how long the session will be. 

The length of your appointments are determined by the grid display you set under Times & availability > Duration and display. You may need to change the grid display to offer alternative length appointment types.  You can add a description and upload an image for each service.

Setting up Payments for Appointment Types

You can also set a price for each appointment type. If you're using our  payments processing feature, visitors will be required to make a payment before they complete the booking.  Otherwise the price will appear for their reference. If you are taking payments through Stripe but want to offer some services for free (ie. consultation) set the price to $0 for that appointment type and the credit card form won't appear on  the booking form for that appointment type.

NOTE: To change the default currency symbol, you can do that in the Booking Form > Payments

Book multiple appointment types

By default, visitors can select one option at a time. If you want to allow customers to pick more than one option within the same booking - resulting in one long appointment that includes multiple types - check the box next to 'Select more than one in the same booking'. 

When multiple options are selected, we'll calculate the duration and prices of all of them together. 

TIP: You can also include some appointment types with a 0 minute duration. This works well if you want to offer an optional extras that might impact the price but will not increase the duration. Please be sure to have "select more than one in the same booking" checked in order for the 0 minute duration option to show.

Referencing Appointment Types in Confirmation emails

You can confirm the appointment type that the customer has selected by using the Shorthand Code {TYPE-NAME} in your confirmations and reminders. That will display the appointment type(s) they chose.

You can also use this shorthand code on your calendar event title to quickly reference what appointments you have booked that day:

Organize Appointment Types by Group

If you have a long list of appointment types, it can help to organise them into groups.  It works by including a group name at the start of each appointment type name, with the same separator format. For example, you could name your options like this:

  • Demo: Online
  • Demo: In-person
  • Technical call: Troubleshooting
  • Technical call: Advanced Setup
  • Onboarding call: Individual
  • Onboarding call: Team Setup
  • Check the box next to 'Divide them into groups' and select the separator (colon, hyphen etc) from the dropdown.

    NOTE: The text before the separator must match exactly, and the appointment types must be grouped together on the list.

    On the live booking page the groups can be collapsed using the group arrow, so the booker can go directly to the type of appointment they want to book with you.