Setting up Confirmations & Reminders

On our Notifications & workflow tab you can customize everything about the way your bookers are contacted with confirmations, SMS, and reminders - as well as how bookings are displayed in your calendar. 

This article discusses the actions and calendar event section, so use these shortcuts to navigate where you need help:

After New Booking Made
Tentative Bookings
If Booking Rescheduled
If Booking Cancelled
Reminders Before the Booking
After the Appointment Ends
SMS reminders
Live preview
Calendar Events

After New Booking Made

This is the confirmation email that goes out to your booker and to you when you receive a new booking. By default, there are 2 notifications - one to you and one to the booker. If you have the Teams feature turned on, it will also create a notification to the Team member that was booked. You can add new notifications or delete the defaults, as you choose. To edit a notification, click on it. 

1. Email name: Title this action something so you can remember it.

2. When will this action be triggered: Set how many minutes after booking this email will go out.

3. From: here you can edit the sending email to be any email address of your choosing. Make sure this is a good email, if a user replies to the confirmation email it will go to this address. If you have Gmail Integrated, it will automatically send from your Gmail address. Notifications to you default to sending from

4. To: there is a dropdown box of options on who this email will go to - you, the booker, or a custom email. If you choose custom email, you can add additional emails by separating them with a comma and a space.

5. Email subject: Title this email so that your bookers will open it right away. The default subject line of the confirmation email to you is {BOOKING-TITLE} which pulls the title from the Calendar event. You can edit the calendar event title, or remove this shorthand code and enter your own subject line. 

6. Email content tips:

  • Uploading your company logo is a great way to personalise your email for your booker.  To add your logo to the email, just add {LOGO} and the one from your booking grid will display. You can also insert a new image by clicking Insert image in the bottom right corner. 
  • This message is completely customizable. Use shorthand codes to personalize the email depending on what options the booker selected for their booking - for example the name of the Team member they will be meeting with. 
  • By default, {FORMFIELDS} is included in the email - this will display all of the information your client provided on the booking form. If you want to only include certain information from the booking form, you'll want to delete this shorthand code, and only include the shorthand codes you want to be in the email. Working with FORMFIELDS.
  • Reschedule and cancellation links are also included by default, so your booker can easily amend their booking without having to call you. {RESCHEDULE} and {CANCEL} are for your booker, {OWNER-RESCHEDULE} and {OWNER-CANCEL} are for you, and will trigger different reschedule emails. 

You can copy existing actions or delete them right on the Actions page, just hover over to get the symbols:

Tentative Bookings

The Tentative feature gives you final control over whether a booking will happen.  The booking goes into your calendar with double question marks on it until you decide to accept or reject it.  Here's how to set it up.

If you do turn on Tentative Bookings, you will want to keep this line in the confirmation email to yourself:

{IF-TENTATIVE}**This booking has not yet been confirmed.** {ACCEPT} {REJECT}{ENDIF-TENTATIVE}
This put this the ACCEPT/REJECT button into your email so you can accept or reject the booking from your inbox without logging into 

If Booking Rescheduled

If the booking is rescheduled by your booker via the reschedule link in the email, you will by default receive a notification. If you reschedule the booking within (via the Bookings page), they will receive a notification. 

Note: You can also reschedule the event by moving it around in your linked calendar. This will not trigger the reschedule email but the next scheduled email, it will reflect the new date/time. 

You can add additional notifications if needed in this section.

If booking cancelled

If the booking is cancelled by your booker via the cancellation link in the email, you will by default receive a notification. If you cancel the booking within ( via the Bookings page), they will receive a notification. 

Note: You can also cancel the event by deleting it from your linked calendar. This will not trigger the cancellation email.

Reminders before the booking

Here you can set up and email and/or SMS reminder to the booker before the event. You can set the reminder to be triggered minutes, hours or day before a booking. 

Note: Some linked calendars also have notification reminders that go out - does not control those. Here's a help page on how to remove Google Calendar reminder notifications.

After appointment ends

Use this notification to follow up immediately and say thank you, ask for a review, or remind them to book another appointment. There is no default notification for this section, so you'll have to create it by clicking the (+) plus sign.

SMS Reminders (Text confirmations)

SMS reminders can be sent at any stage of the booking process. Add one by clicking the (+) sign. You must ask for a phone number on the Booking form for an SMS reminder to go to your booker. You can also setup an SMS reminder to yourself - choose your account phone number, or enter a custom phone number. 

Don't forget, long messages will take up more SMS credits that short ones. See  here for more on that. 

Live Preview

As you edit and customize your emails that go to your booker, you can preview how the email will look on the righthand side. This preview will enter dummy text to represent what your clients will see when they receive your email. Any clickable links will not be live in the preview. 


Select 'webhook' and start entering the details. 

Calendar Events

You can control how the booking  looks in your calendar, as well as how it looks in your booker's calendar.

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