Navigating your booking page settings

Our goal is to make easy to set up, with customizable features that are intuitive and easy to understand. Here's a guide to the settings for each booking page on your account.

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Calendar & Teams
Times & Availability
Availability | Duration & Display | Appointment Types | Language & Timezones
Booking Form
Questions | After Booking | Payments
Actions | Calendar Events
Styles & Appearance


Under General, you can edit your: 

  • Booking page title
  • Booking page link
  • Booking page intro
  • Upload a logo or headshot
  • Add a password to restrict access to your booking page

Calendar & teams

In Calendar & teams you can:

  • Select which calendar(s) you would like to search for availability and add new bookings to
  • Connect to an additional calendar account via the Integrations page
  • Activate the Teams feature to allow multiple people to be booked on the same booking link

Times & Availability

In Availability you will:

Duration & Display 

In the Duration & Display section you will select:

Appointment Types 

This section helps you set up different types of services you might offer to your customers. The duration is set by your grid display.

Languages & Timezones

Under this section you'll verify:

Booking Form Questions

The Booking Form > Questions is where you can 

After Booking

This section allows you to set a custom thank you message or redirect your booker to a different link after the booking. 


  • You can setup payments by your grid display, or by appointment type
  • Integrate through Stripe to require a credit card payment before booking


This section is your command center for all your emails and SMS to your booker. You can:

Calendar Events

Customize how the booking will appear in your calendar, and decide if the booking should be automatically added to your bookers calendar.

Styles & Appearance

In this section you can:

  • Select from one of six preset colors
  • Set your own custom color using your HEX code or our color picker
  • Enter more details about your business in the footer

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