Navigating Settings

Our goal is to make easy to setup, with customizable features that are intuitive and easy to understand. Here's a guide to the settings on the left side of your profile. 

Your settings are broken into 6 sections:

Calendar & Teams
Times & Availability
Booking Form
Notifications & workflow


Your dashboard is where you can view all of your booking profiles. Click "edit settings" to edit that individual booking profile. Click "bookings" to view the bookings on that profile. 


Under the general tab, you can  edit your booking page link, booking page title & instructions, and upload a logo or image

Calendar & teams

In this section you can select which calendar(s) you would like to search for availability, and which calendar you would like new bookings to be created on. If you are using the  Teams feature, you can link to your team member calendars here. Managing Calendar & teams

Times & Availability > Availability

This section is where you set your  weekly schedule template and activate the On Duty feature if you're using it. You can also set break times and your fixed start & end dates.

Times & availability > Duration & display 

Here you can area to set the way your booking grid displays time increments and your  appointment durations. You'll also find the Padding feature, and the Units per Slot feature for group sessions.  

You can also add a "Jump to date" box so your bookers don't have to scroll through dates. Click on 'show additional display options' to find  minimum and maximum notice period settings.

Times & availability > Appointment types 

This section helps you set up different types of services you might offer to your customers. You can see more about how that feature works  on this page.

Times & availability > Languages & Timezones

This area is where you set the  time zone for your booking profile , as well as detecting the timezone of your booker and the language and date formats. If you're having trouble with your times displaying correctly, make sure it is not detecting UTC from your linked calendar. You can read more about that here: Setting correct time zones.

Booking Form

The Booking Form is where you can ask the questions you need and use shorthand codes for greater functionality in your communications with your customers. Learn more about Shorthand codes here

The  Booking Form > After Booking section allows you to set a thank you message or  redirect to a URL after the booking. 

If you want to  take payments, you can set that up under Payments. 


The Notifications & workflow section provides great functionality around sending email and SMS confirmations, reminders and follow-ups, via email or text message. You can  communicate with your bookers through the whole process. You can also turn on Tentative Bookings, and set Cancellation limits.

Under Calendar Events you can customize how the booking will appear in your calendar, and decide if the booking should be automatically added to your bookers calendar.

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