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What is a shorthand code? 
Using shorthand codes on your booking form 
Using shorthand codes in your confirmation emails
Standard shorthand codes glossary

What is a shorthand code?

A shorthand code is like a nickname that you give to a piece of information in your booking form. You can then customize your communications to your customers and include those pieces of information by referring to the shorthand codes. 

Some shorthand codes have already pre-set by and will be used in your communications to your booker like:

  • {EMAIL} the email address the booker provides on the booking form
  • {FNAME}  the bookers first name as entered on the booking form

You can add additional questions to collect information from your customer before the booking.

Shorthand code requirements:

  • All capital letters
  • Alphanumeric characters only
  • Both underscores ( _ ) and dashes ( - ) are allowed
  • Between 2 and 16 characters.  
  • The spelling of the shorthand code in your confirmation & reminder emails must match your booking form

Setting shorthand codes on your booking form

In your settings, navigate to Booking Form > Questions. Add a new question, and set the shorthand code for that question.

Using shorthand codes in your confirmation emails

Take that shorthand code you've set on your booking form and add curly brackets around it in your confirmation emails. 

Data relative to each shorthand code is pulled into the confirmation email, so the email is personalized for each booker. 

If you set a shorthand code for each question on your booking form, these fields will be exported into separate columns in your data export.

Shorthand codes and passing through data

Shorthand codes can be used to pass through specific information about your booker through a webhook or Zapier integration

Can I use shorthand codes to customise the text on my live booking page?

  • Shorthand codes can only be used in communications that occur after the booking in the Notifications section of your settings.

What are the default shorthand codes for

  • See the list below. As with your own custom shorthand codes, the standard codes shown below must be spelled and capitalised exactly as below in order for them to work.

Standard shorthand codes glossary

Here is a list of all of the standard shorthand codes used by in managing bookings, pulling in booker data and formatting dates and times.

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