YouCanBookMe Pricing

Your paid YouCanBookMe account can have up to 200 individual booking pages. The subscription cost is based on the number of linked calendars across all your booking pages. 

Price per linked calendar

Month-to-month 12 month subscription 24 month subscription
$10 per calendar
€9 per calendar
£8 per calendar
All of our paid features are included in your subscription price. 

Price per team member*

Month-to-month 12 month subscription 24 month subscription
$10 per team member
€9 per team member
£8 per team member

* prices above assume each team member is linking to one external calendar for bookings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between a calendar account and a linked calendar?

Your calendar account is your Google or Microsoft calendar that you've connected on the Integrations page. You can integrate as many calendar accounts as you need - there is no charge for these separate integrations.

Your linked calendars are the calendars you link to for availability on your booking page. These can be your own personal calendars, or your team members calendars that have been shared with you. 

Each linked calendar that YouCanBookMe checks for conflicts counts again your subscription total.

If I change the number of linked calendars, does my subscription automatically update?

YouCanBookMe will keep up with the changes you make to linked calendars. When you've added or removed the required calendars, you'll see a banner at the top of the screen prompting you to update or reduce your subscription. Click on that banner to adjust your subscription and avoid any disruptions of service.

I like to keep my work and personal appointments on separate calendars on the same calendar account - why am I being charged for more than one calendar?

Each calendar under your calendar account counts as a separate calendar, as they all offer different availability. If you ask us to check Home, Work, and School calendars under your Google account, that would count as 3 calendar per month. If you use separate calendar to color coordinate your appointments, you may be able to do this on 1 calendar and reduce costs within YouCanBookMe. Check with your calendar provider for options.

How can I remove branding from my booking pages?

Accounts paying for at least 2 linked calendars per month can remove branding from their booking pages in their Account settings.

Accounts linking to 1 calendar a month will have a small grey "Powered by YouCanBookMe" tag at the bottom of their booking page. 

Paid accounts have no YouCanBookMe branding in confirmation or reminder emails. 

What do I get with the free trial?

With the 14-day free trial, you get access to all of our paid plan features like multiple booking pages, Calendar Managed Availability, padding between bookings, and extensive customizations. You can also link up to 30 calendars, so you can fully test the tool for your teams requirements.

  • A credit card is not required to start the trial
  • Your account will revert to our free plan after the 14-day period
  • If you don't upgrade before your trial ends your free plan account will be limited to 1 linked calendar and 1 booking pages
  • Upgrading before your trial ends will start your subscription on the day that you upgrade, not at the end of your trial

Are SMS credits included in the subscription?

SMS credits are not included in your monthly or yearly subscription price. They can be purchased separately on your Account page.

Can I have a subscription for less than 1 year? 

If you need a subscription for less than a year, select a monthly subscription that you can pause or cancel based on your business needs.

How does pricing work for teams?

With the teams feature activated, the subscription price is based on the number of team members. Multiply the number of team members by the monthly subscription price to get your monthly rate. 

Are there additional charges for creating more than one booking page? 

On the paid plan, you can create as many booking pages as you like on your account. You are charged for the number of linked calendars we check for conflicts, and you won't be double charged for linking to the same calendar more than once on your account.

Customers on the free plan are limited to 1 booking page. 

Will I be charged if my pages are set to offline? 

Pages that are set to offline do not count towards your linked calendar total. However, setting all of your booking pages offline does not constitute canceling your subscription. You'll need to cancel your account on the billing page

Do you offer volume discounts?

We offer volume discounts for accounts looking to connect more than 50 calendars. Please get in touch to receive a quote!

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