Change your linked calendar on a booking page

You can change the calendar is checking for conflicts, or where new bookings are added. 

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How to change your linked calendar
Connect to additional calendar accounts
How linked calendars affect pricing
Why does a calendar say read-only?

How to change your linked calendar

From your account Dashboard, select Edit Settings on your booking page. In the Calendar & teams section or your booking page settings, you'll see the calendar that booking page is linked to. Click Edit to change it. 

That will display all the calendars on your linked calendar account that can see. Select the one(s) you want to check for availability, and de-select any you don't want to check for conflicts. 

Note: each calendar you link to in this section will potentially increase your subscription cost.

Connect to an additional calendar account

If you can't see the calendar you want to use, it may be on a different calendar account. To change or add to the calendar account that you have integrated with, select "Connect another calendar account" and integrate an additional calendar account.

How linked calendars affect pricing

Your subscription cost is based on the number of linked calendars across all your booking pages. If you check multiple calendars for mutual availability, your subscription will adjust for that number of linked calendars. 

Why does a calendar say "read-only"? 

If you have a calendar on your list that is read only, that means can view it for availability, but cannot add new bookings to it.

If this is a team members calendar that has been shared with you, you'll need to have the owner of the calendar adjust their sharing settings with you within their Google or Outlook settings so that you have permissions to "edit" or "make changes to events." 

Another option is to invite the team member as a Contributor on your account, so they can share their calendar directly with your account.