Checking multiple calendars for mutual availability

Checking multiple calendars for availability is a good solution if:

  • You want multiple people in the office to be available for the appointment
  • You manage your schedule across different calendars and want to make sure you have no conflicting events
  • You want to make sure a person and a resource are available at the time of booking
In this article:

How it works
Pricing for checking multiple calendars

How it works

Select as many calendars as you want to check for availability. Where any existing busy events are found on any of the calendars, that time will be blocked from booking within 

On your booking page, navigate to Calendar & Teams and select Edit.

Select the calendars under your calendar account you want to check for mutual availability. When you're finished, click Next

Bookings can only be added to a single calendar. Decide which of your selected calendars will receive the new calendar event. Bookings can only be added to calendars not marked read-only.

After the booking you can add the calendar event to additional calendars. This is done in the Notifications & workflow > Calendar event section. See directions here

Pricing for checking multiple calendars

The basic subscription includes checking 1 calendar for availability. Increasing the number of calendars we check for availability will impact your subscription costs