Different languages and time/date formats

Do your clients prefer AM/PM or the 24-hour clock ('military time')?  Will they see 3/4/16 as March 4th -  or April 3rd?  

You can set your YouCanBook.me booking page for a particular language and formatting style under Times & availability > Language & Timezones.

  • English (United Kingdom) will give you an English booking page with a 24 hour clock.
  • English (United States) will give you an English booking pages with AM/PM display.
  • Booking pages are available in over 25 languages.

The 'language' setting allows you to specify the language and country for formatting all the dates and times. This also sets the language for the text your users see when making bookings (text that you don't directly control, like the text on the 'confirm' and 'cancel' buttons.) 

If all your users are in the same part of the world, set it for that location. But if you are taking bookings from people in different places, select "Automatically detect visitor language". This means we detect the browser settings of each booker to show the dates and times in the format they would expect.