Stylize your booking page and emails

Use our Markdown toolbar to easily add style to your text on your booking form and confirmation emails. 

Please note: Markdown cannot be applied to the body of your calendar event

In this article:

Add bold text
Add italics
Add hyperlinks
Add block quotes
Add images
Add shorthand codes
Add headings

Add bold text

Highlight the text you want to show in bold and click the B in the toolbar to make the text bold.

You can also add double asterisks around any text to make the text bold, ie **This text is bold.**

Add italics

Emphasize your text by making it italic. 

Highlight the text you want italicized, and click the 𝐈 in the toolbar to make that text italicized.

You can also add single asterisks around the text to make any text italic, ie *This text is italic.*

Click the link symbol in the toolbar to add a hyperlink. Enter the text you want to be clickable, and the URL, then click Insert link. Check the box "Open link in a new window" to have the link open in a new browser tab. 

You can also use the formatting [your text]( to make any text a clickable link. 

Add block quotes

Block quotes can separate out important information on your booking page or in your confirmation emails by adding a grey box around the text. 

Use the right facing angle bracket > to insert a block quote.

As HTML is not supported, other brackets cannot be used. 

Add shorthand codes

Use the curly brackets { } in the toolbar to access a list of default shorthand codes, as well as any shorthand codes you've assigned to questions on your booking form. These can be inserted to customize your text to the booker.

Add images

You can add images to your booking page that are hosted on another website with this formatting:


Where the link in the round brackets is where your image is hosted. This can be used to add images to your footer, booking form, or in your confirmation emails. 

💡 Using shorthand codes to refer to images

If you've uploaded an image on the General settings page, you can display it anywhere using the shorthand code {LOGO}.
If you've uploaded an image for a team member, use {TEAM-IMAGE} and anywhere that particular team member was selected, it will display.
If you've uploaded an image for an appointment type, use {TYPE-IMAGE} and anywhere that particular appointment type was selected, it will display.

Make an image clickable

You can make an image that is hosted somewhere is linked to an external URL with this nested formatting:


If you've uploaded a picture under General, you can make that image clickable in other parts of the booking page using the shorthand code {LOGO}.


Add Headings

Add headings to indicate different sections of text on your booking page by adding a # in front of your text.  There should be a space between the # and the first word. For a more accessible booking page, avoid using Headings solely for emphasis.

### Heading 3

## Heading 2

# Heading 1

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