Thank you message after the booking

When a visitor makes a booking they'll be directed to a thank you page which includes some default content to confirm their booking. This messaging can be customised in the Booking Form > After Booking section. 

The default message confirms the details of the booking and give visitors the opportunity to add the booking to their own calendar. You might also want to include the following:

  • Use shorthand codes to personalise the message and confirm some of the details of their booking 
  • If you have setup a confirmation email, let them know that they will also receive details of their booking via email
  • Let them know if there is anything additional that they need to do next
  • Include a link for a quick follow up booking

Tentative bookings

If you've enabled our  tentative feature, it's important that you use this message to make it clear that any bookings aren't confirmed just yet. You can use the message to explain that you will be in touch shortly to confirm (or reject) the booking

Redirect to a URL

On paid plans, you have the option of redirecting your client to a a page of your website after the booking is complete.  This is helpful if you need them to see additional data or fill out some information. It can also help with tracking analytics. 

When using this option, you can include any information about the booking by embedding the corresponding shorthand code in the link. For example ...{REF} ... would pass back the booking reference when the user returns. Your web designer could then display different information based on this information to  tailor the experience for each visitor.

If you're using an analytics tool such as Google Analytics, the 'redirect to a url' option will allow you to track any conversions using the tracking code setup on your own website.

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