Use a captcha on your booking page

The CAPTCHA test ensures your booker is a real person before submitting a booking. By default, the captcha is always enabled. Paid users can disable it by going to the Booking Form > Questions and toggling CAPTCHA test to off.

Generally, users will then see a simple checkbox that will verify that they are human. Some users may see a more advanced CAPTCHA test that shows a series of pictures that they have to select. This is a reCaptcha issue, and it is based on your booker's environment. 

In some cases, the booker's environment doesn't have the features to support the checkbox CAPTCHA widget due to:

  1. an old browser (see the minimum browser requirements)
  2. javascript disabled in the browser
  3. some installed plugins conflicting with reCAPTCHA
  4. unstable network

In these cases we recommend turning CAPTCHA test off to allow bookings.