Customize your booking link

Every booking page on your account gets its own booking link. Customize, bookmark and share this link with your clients! uses encryption and highly secure web pages. Share your booking link with https:// rather than www which will break the encryption. 

In this article: 

View your live booking page
Change your booking link

View your live booking page

When you initially set up a booking page, the system will suggest a booking page link for it. You can view your booking pages, and their corresponding links on your Dashboard.

Change your booking link

You can edit your page link by clicking Edit settings. That will take you to the General section where you can edit the booking page link.

Your booking link always ends the domain "", but you can customize the subdomain to be anything you want. You can hide the link completely by embedding it on your own website. 

Your booking link must:

  • Contain at least 3 characters
  • Contain only letters, numbers and dashes (-)
  • Not be in use by any other booking pages or accounts
💡 Update your bookmarks!

Once you change your booking link, the older URL will no longer work - so be sure to update your bookmarks or anywhere you share the link. 

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