Customize your booking link

Every booking page on gets its own booking link. This makes it easy to let your bookers know where to book you - just give them your link!

Do not share the booking link with a 'www' at the beginning as that will break our https security on all booking pages. 

Where to view/change your booking link

When you initially set up a booking page, the system will suggest a booking page link for it. You can view your booking pages, and their corresponding links on your Dashboard.

You can edit your page link by clicking Edit settings. That will take you to the General section where you can edit the booking page link.

Your booking link always ends the domain "", but you can customise the subdomain to be anything you want. You can hide the link completely by embedding it on your own website. 

Subdomain requirements:

  • At least 3 characters, and no more than 63 characters
  • Not used by any other booking page
  • No underscores or periods, only dashes as special characters 

If you have multiple booking pages, they will all have their own booking link. Your booking link can be shared in your email signature, on your business card, through social media or wherever you want clients to book you.

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