Gather the information you need with Booking Forms

YCBM includes a fully-featured form builder. This allows you to easily, add, edit and rearrange questions on your booking page. You can  set required questions and create a wide range of question fields types. 

NOTE: Free plans can add up to 7 questions. Paid plans can add an unlimited number of questions.

Setting up and editing your Booking form

In your Settings pages, go to the Booking Form section, then 'Questions'.  Here you can easily rearrange, edit, add or delete your form items. 

Adding a question 

Select "Add question" and an expanded question item will appear. 

  • Select the question type (see examples below)
  • Change the shorthand code if you want to (these are great for customising your emails later - scroll down for more on that)
  • Set the Label - this is the question that your bookers will see. You can also add text after.
  • Finally, decide if it will be a required field.  

Deleting a question 

Select "Add question" and an expanded question item will appear. 

  • Click the trash can for the question you would like to delete
  • Click Delete question to confirm

The power of shorthand codes

Using shorthand codes is an easy way to personalise your booking process. When editing a question you can enter a tag for that question which can then be used later in the booking process.  For example, if you're asking for First name, consider using FNAME. 

When you send your confirmation or reminder emails you could start them with Dear {FNAME} creating a personal email for every visitor who books you. For more tips and tricks about using shorthand codes visit our  shorthand codes guide.

List of available field types

QUESTIONS  Requires input from users Free Paid
Short answer

The simplest type of question. The user just gets to enter a single line of text.


Long answer For longer answers, which might be spread over several lines. These are good for addresses or 'please enter more detail' type questions. x x

Email address

This is included by default in your booking form. The answer needs to be one or more email addresses (separated by spaces or commas). If you don't include at least one email address on your form, the system will not be able to send out any confirmation or reminder emails for you. x x

Phone number 

Be sure to check the mobile phone option if you want to send SMS messages.

The country is automatically detected.

x x


Simple check box. Can be used to get agreement from the user for terms and conditions, etc. 



Multiple choice 

Enter the list of choices in the text box - one option on a line. You can set the choice to be either dropdown lists, radio buttons or a set of checkboxes. Select 'checkboxes' to allow the user to choose more than one of your options.


Passthrough question data is added by  passing it through in the URL.  The 'answer' will appear on the booking form, but will not be editable.  If there is nothing in the URL, then it will appear blank.  x x
Hidden question data is added by  passing it through in the URL.  The question will not appear on the booking form.
x x

For information only. Does not require input.


Block of text 

Use this to add extra information to your booking form. Simply add text into the 'before' box, or split it between the before and after boxes to format it slightly differently.


Start Time 
This will show the time and date that the person chose on the previous page. You can change the label to anything that makes sense for your users, e.g. "Your appointment will start at:"
x x

End Time 

This automatically calculates the end time of the booking. x x
Duration  If you have   different length appointments available,this will present a dropdown box showing the range of durations that are available for the selected start time. x x

Dividing Line 

To break up a long form, you might want to add a dividing line or two between sections. x x


The system can calculate a price for you based on a number of factors. See the payments tab for more information. This item will simply display the price to the user. x x


'How many do you need?' 

Automatically added when the 'units per slot' featureis enabled on the Times & Availability section. See the help page for that item for more information.

 Service and Team, Name and Description When using our services or teams feature, you can use these item types to dynamically include information from the user's choices.  

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