Redirect to a URL after the booking

On paid plans, you have the option of redirecting your client to a specific web page after the booking is complete. This is useful to bring them back to your own website or to a web page you use for tracking analytics.  

Step-by-step guide

  1. From your dashboard, click Edit settings on the profile you want to edit
  2. Go to the Booking Form > After booking
  3. Select "Redirect to specific URL" 
  4. Copy and paste in the URL you wish visitors to go to (redirect URL must start with an https)
  5. Save

When using this option, you can include any information about the booking by embedding the corresponding  shorthand code in the link.For example, the URL you redirect to might be{FNAME}&email={EMAIL}  or{REF} ... which would pass back the booking reference when the user returns. Your web designer could then display different information based on this information to  tailor the experience for each visitor.

If you want to actually return the booker to another booking profile with their data pre-filled, In that case, the system can 'save' the data based on the booking ID they've just made, and all the data should pre-fill exactly as you expect.

So you would use this:{ID}

If you're using an analytics tool such as Google Analytics, the 'redirect to a url' option will allow you to track any conversions using the tracking code setup on your own website.

Embedding your booking page

If you have your booking page embedded in your website, check the box "update the whole browser window" so that the entire browser window redirects  to your URL, not just the iFrame.

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