Which calendars does YouCanBook.me work with?

You can integrate your YouCanBook.me account with Google and Microsoft 365 calendar accounts. 

For Google accounts, you can integrate direction on the Integrations page

For Microsoft accounts, verify that you can access your calendar at  https://office.live.com/. If you can view your existing calendar here, we can integrate with it. 

If you are managing your availability on your mobile phone, you will need to verify that your calendar events are going to the same calendar you have integrated with Youcanbook.me. In some cases, native mobile apps have their own default calendar with the same name as your integrated calendar, but these are not the same. 

*Our CalDav integration is in beta and has some reported issues. You are welcome to connect to CalDav but we aren't able to offer support on this integration at this time. Our recommendation is to use a Google or Outlook calendar.