Set up a booking page for your team

A team booking page allows multiple people to receive bookings on a single booking link. Each team member is booked independently, and bookings go straight into their calendar.

There are several ways you can configure the booking pages on your account for your team. Based on your use case, you may create several of each booking page type.  

This article will walk you through setting up a team booking page. Check out these guides to creating a team mutual availability booking page, or an individual booking page for a team member

In this article:

Create team booking page
Link to team members calendars & Zoom accounts
Configure Team Member selection page
Timezone & Language settings of booking page
Configure availability for team members
Additional booking page setup options
FAQ on team booking pages

Create team booking page

Both the Account Owner or any Administrator on the account can create a new booking page.

On your account dashboard, click  Create a booking page to create a booking page. In the pop up modal you can select a booking page for an individual or for a team. Select Team. 

You'll be prompted to set the booking page title, URL and select the first team member from your current Contributors on your account. The rest of the team will be added in subsequent steps. 

You can edit these settings and set a booking page intro on the General tab of your booking page settings at any time. 

Link to team member calendars & Zoom accounts

Under Calendar & Teams, Edit the first team member added to your booking page, or click Add team members to add additional people to this page. 

For each team member you add to the booking page:
  1. Add an image if desired [you can refer to this later using the shorthand code {TEAM-IMAGE}]
  2. Enter their name for bookings [you can refer to this later using the shorthand code {TEAM-NAME}]
  3. The email address where they will receive notifications about bookings [you can refer to this later using the shorthand code {TEAM-EMAIL}]
  4. The specific calendar that should check for conflicts and where new bookings will be added. Each team member should be linked to their own unique calendar.
  5. Select Zoom or Google Meet for video conferencing. Then come back to Calendar & teams and Select their integrated Zoom account if they want Zoom links generated for each booking [you can refer to this later using the shorthand code {ZOOM}]. A booking page can use either Zoom or Google Meet for all team members, but not both. 
  6. Enter a description that will appear on the Team member selection page [you can refer to this later using the shorthand code {TEAM-DESCRIPTION}]

Configure Team Member Selection page

Once you have all your team members added, you'll also want select how you want team members booked.

Include no preference

Select this to allow your clients to either select the team member they want to work with, OR to view all of your team members availability on the same booking page. Team members available at the same time will be assigned bookings at random until everyone has received a booking in that time slot.

Assume no preference

Select this to prevent your clients from selecting a team member. They will go straight to seeing all of the team members availability combined into a single view. Team members available at the same time will be assigned bookings at random until everyone has received a booking in that time slot. 

Order of team members

The order of the team members listed on the Calendar & teams page will affect the timezone of the booking page. Use the double arrows to drag and drop the team members to the preferred position on the booking page. If you would like team members bookings weighted by the order they are listed on the booking page, contact Support to have a custom rule added to your account.

Team page Intro text

If you select "Include no preference option" This text will be the first thing your clients see when they open your booking page, even before the booking page intro text you've configured on the General settings.

Timezone & language settings of the booking page

  1. The timezone of the booking page will be anchored to the first team member listed under Calendar & teams. This will be the time zone that bookings are added to each team members calendar. If team members are spread across time zones, you'll need to account for this by using Custom Availability. 
  2. By default will automatically detect the booker timezone, based on their IP address. If all of your bookers will be in the same timezone as you, you can uncheck this setting. Otherwise keep it checked so the booking page will show your team's availability relative to your clients' location.
  3. You can set the language and date format of the booking page by unchecking "automatically detect visitor language" and selecting the correct language from the dropdown. 
Tip: For English with a 24 hour clock, select English (United Kingdom). Other tips on translating your booking page can be found here

Configure the availability for your team

There are two ways to set your team's availability for bookings in

Repeating Availability

This setup is recommended all of your team members are in the same time zone, they manage their other appointments directly in their calendar, and they want to fill the free time in their calendar with bookings from clients: 

Under Times & availability > Availability, select "Repeating Availability" and set your team's general working hours each day. will scan each team members linked calendar during these hours for any free time on their calendar. Any time between these working hours without existing conflicts will be displayed for booking to clients. Team members can block times from being booked by adding busy events to their calendar.  

Tip: The preview window will display the combined availability of all team members. Open the live booking page to see availability for a specific team member. 

Custom Availability

This setup is recommended if you have team members in different time zones, or team members want to limit the times offered for booking: 

Under Times & Availability > Availability, select "Custom Availability" and set the widest range of working hours you might possibly take a booking. For teams in various time zones set these working hours as 12am-12am. Set a keyphrase you will use to identify times you're available for booking.

Each team member will use that key phrase on their linked calendar and designate the blocks of time when they want to take bookings. Only where we find events that are between the designated working hours and meet the following criteria will be displayed for booking in

  • events are titled with the selected keyphrase (matching exactly)
  • events are on the correct team members linked calendar 
  • events are set to "Free" instead of the default "Busy"

Each team member can set a few or many booking blocks as they'd like, depending on their availability. They can add or remove available booking times by adding or removing blocks from their calendar.

Video: Setting up Availability for your team

Additional booking page setup options

Meeting Duration

Under Times & availability > Duration & Display, you'll configure the length of your bookings. The length of the meetings you can offer will depending on the grid display set on your booking page. For more flexibility, set a smaller grid display.

You can offer a fixed booking duration, where all meetings booked are the same length, or a flexible booking duration, where the client decides how long the meeting they will be based on the team members availability. Alternatively, you can set up Appointment types, which allows you to set fixed meeting lengths for specific services offered. 

Note: Using Appointment types, each team member on the booking page will be booked for every appointment type offered. If only certain team members offer certain services, consider setting up separate booking pages for each service, and adding the team members to the page that offer that service.

Advanced booking page settings

Other settings on the Duration & Display page include:

Booking form Questions

Add, remove or reorder questions on the booking form your client will fill out before they secure the appointment. You can add unlimited questions to this form.

Emails & SMS

Under Notifications > Actions, you can customize all of the emails and SMS that send to the team member and booker when a new booking is made. You can send the confirmation email from a team member to the booker, and edit the content of the email sent. You can also add additional notifications at any point of the booking process. 

FAQ on team booking pages

Does enabling "No preference" on the booking page result in round-robin bookings?

With No Preference enabled, your booker is booked with a randomly available team member. looks for any available team member at the selected time and books at random from any available team member.

This is not a true round-robin system, and some team members may at first receive more bookings than another team member. Over time, the bookings will even out as other team members will have more availability.

What happens when a booker reschedules a booking made using the Teams feature? 

If the booker selects the team member they want to book with and then reschedules their booking, they will only be able to reschedule with the team member they originally booked with.

If "assume no preference" is turned on for your booking page and the booker is booked team member at random, when they reschedule the booking the original team members availability will be checked first. If they are not available for the rescheduled day/time, the booker will be rescheduled with any available team member. 

How does multiple bookings per slot work with the teams feature?

If you are allowing multiple bookings in each available time slot, that means each team member can take multiple bookings. So if you set units per slot to 2, and you have 3 team members available Tuesday at 2pm, you will be able to take 6 bookings in that available slot. 

How do I send a notification to the team member that was booked?

When you activate teams on the booking page, it will prompt you create a new notification to the Team Member. You can create additional emails to the team member in the Notifications section of your booking page settings. 

Can I create a direct link to a single team member's availability?

Yes you can provide a direct link to each team members availability. 

Can each team member have their own individual booking page?

Yes on your organization's account, you can create as many booking pages as you need - so feel free to create team pages, or individual booking pages, or both!

How to I link to each team members individual Zoom account?

For any booking page you want to link to a Zoom account, make sure you've turned on Teams under Calendar & teams - event if the booking page is just for a single team member. Set their email address, their linked calendar and their Zoom account. If the booking page is just for 1 team member, check the box "assume no preference" so the booker skips the team selection page. 

Can the team booking page be configured to check the availability for team members listed? 

You can set up a booking page that checks availability across team members and only displays booking times where all team members are available. Currently, it isn't possible to setup a team booking page that checks mutual availability between selected team members, but we are considering this as a feature in future updates.