Set up a booking page for your team members

The teams feature can help you manage the bookings for your entire team. Your bookers can schedule with a specific team member or choose "no preference" and view your teams combined availability. 

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Adding linked calendars to your account
Activating teams feature
Setting the order of your team
Using "No preference"

Obtain access to each team members calendar 

The first thing you need to do is to have access to a separate calendar for each person who will be taking bookings. Our pricing is based on the number or linked calendars. There are three ways to have the calendar access you need:

  1. A team member can share their calendar with you within Google calendar or Outlook calendar, at the level "make changes to events" or "edit"*
  2. A team member can integrate their calendar account directly with your account.  
  3. You can create a new calendar for each team member in your own Google or Outlook account. 

* Permissions cannot be shared across Google or Outlook. If your team uses a mix of both calendars, it is best they integrate their calendar accounts directly with your account. 

Activate the Teams feature 

  1. Select the Calendars & teams section and toggle the teams feature to On.
  2. It will auto create the first team member for you - click the pencil to edit the details.
  3. Fill in the name of the team member and their email address so they can receive notifications of new bookings. The email address will not be revealed to bookers.
  4. Select the team members calendar from the drop down menu.
  5. Optional - add a description for the team member, and a photo.
  6. Save changes and click Back to calendar & team settings to continue adding additional team members. 

Setting the order of your team

Once you have the team members added, you can arrange the order of how team members appear on the selection page. The timezone for the booking page will be anchored to whoever is listed first on the team page. (If you have team members in different timezones you'll want to use Custom Availability.)

Click the double headed arrow to drag and drop team members to the new position. 

Using "No preference"

No preference allows you to show the pooled availability of the whole team. This allows your booker to select the "first available" appointment, if it is not as important who they meet with, but when. If multiple team members are available at the same time, bookings will be assigned at random until each team member is booked at that time - then that time slot will no longer be available for booking. 

Select Include no preference to add the option at the bottom of the teams page.

Select Assume no preference to skip the team member selection and go straight to the pooled availability view. 

Team page intro text

This introductory text will be the first thing your bookers see if you don't skip the team page selection by clicking Assume no preference. Edit the text to provide any additional details before the booker makes their selection.

Teams FAQ

How does No Preference choose between multiple available team members?

With No Preference enabled, your booker is booked with a randomly available team member. looks for any available team member at the selected time and books at random from any available team member.

This is not a true round-robin system, and some team members may at first receive more bookings than another team member. Over time, the bookings will even out as other team members will have more availability.

How does units per slot work with the teams feature?

If you are allowing multiple bookings in each available time slot, that means each team member can take multiple bookings. So if you set units per slot to 2, and you have 3 team members available Tuesday at 2pm, you will be able to take 6 bookings in that available slot. 

What happens when a booker reschedules a booking made using the Teams feature? 

If the booker selects the team member they want to book with and then reschedules their booking, they will only be able to reschedule with the team member they originally booked with.

If the booker chooses "no preference" and is booked with a team member at random, when they reschedule the booking the original team members availability will be checked first. If they are not available for the rescheduled day/time, the booker will be rescheduled with any available team member. 

If you reschedule the booking internally, you can pick which team member is selected for the rescheduled booking.

How do I send a notification to the team member that was booked?

By default when you activate teams, it will create a new notification to the Team Member. You can create additional emails to the team member in the Notifications section of your settings. 

Can I create a direct link to a single team member's availability?

Yes you can provide a direct link to each team members availability. 

Alternatives to managing resources

The benefit of using the Teams feature is that you get one booking link for your entire team and you can use the 'no preference' option to pool availability. But there are other ways to manage team members. For example, using multiple booking pages or our 'units per slot' feature

Multiple booking pages

Each team member can have their own booking page on your account. In this case, each team member would have a personalized booking link to give to clients as required. Each booking page should still link to that team members calendar so they can be booked based on their own availability. 

If not all team members can do all Appointment Types, or if they work in different locations, you can break them into groups with a booking page for each group, with the only the relevant team members added.

Your single account can have both a team booking page and individual booking pages for each team members - all managed with one login.

If you prefer to have each team member manage their own booking page through their own login while one account handles the billing, get in touch with us about our admin account setup.

Units per Slot

If all the team members have the exact same availability and you only want to link to 1 external calendar, you can use our units per slot feature. This would allow you to set how many bookings you will take in an open time slot - then you would manually assign out bookings to each team member. All the bookings live together on one calendar. 

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