Set prices for your bookings

Tell your customers up front how much your time will cost. will calculate and quote the cost based on your rate. Paid users can also setup individual prices for each   Appointment type.

Setting prices 

To activate this feature, go to the Booking Form section, then Payments.  Select the correct currency for your region and then set the price per time slot. If you  have Stripe integrated, you can check the box to take payments through Stripe. 

A 'price' item will automatically be added to your booking form. You can use the {PRICE} tag to quote the amount in other areas of the booking process.  This works in the same way as all other  shorthand codes available to use.

Calculating different prices

When you set a price per slot, the system will calculate the number of slots taken by your client. If you have a grid display of 15 minutes and a booking duration of 60 minutes, that would be 4 slots taken, so the price will be multiplied by 4. 

If you have fixed a rate, the system can calculate the total based on your  appointment length. This simply means that the {PRICE} for a two hour booking will be double that for a one hour booking.

If you are using our  units per slot feature you will see that this can also factor in to how prices are calculated.

Here's an example with a rate of $100 per hour:

  • A booking for one person for one hour would display the price as $100.
  • A booking for two people for one hour would show the price as $200.
  • A booking for two people for two hours would show the price as $400.

Using Prices with Appointment Types

When you turn Appointment Types on, you set the price per Appointment type, instead of per slot. This is a great option if you find your prices aren't straight forward.

If your prices don't calculate that easily, for example, a 1 hour session doesn't equal the price of two 30 minute sessions, use multiple appointment types. This allows you to set a separate price for each appointment type or service you offer. If you allow users to book more than one service at the same time, the {PRICE} will be calculated accordingly.

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