Set prices for your bookings

Tell your customers up front how much your time will cost by setting a price for bookings. You can also integrate with Stripe to accept payment upfront.

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Activate payments on your booking page
Setting price per slot
Setting price by Appointment Type Using the {PRICE} shorthand code

Activate payments on your booking page 

To activate this feature, navigate to Booking Form > Payments

Toggle Payments to On and select the correct currency for your booking page. 

To take credit card payments via Stripe on the booking page, check the box to Take payment for your bookings via Stripe.

Once payments is turned on for your booking page, you have two ways to set your prices - per booking slot, or based on appointment type.

Setting price per slot

When you set a price per slot, your grid display becomes very important. 

The system will calculate the number of slots taken by your client and that will be the payment price presented to them.

  • If you have a grid display of 1 hour, and a 1 hour appointment, the booking only takes 1 slot, so the price is not multiplied.
  • If you have a grid display of 15 minutes and a booking duration of 60 minutes, that would be 4 slots taken, so the price will be multiplied by 4. 

Additionally, if you are using our units per slot feature you will see that this can also factor in to how prices are calculated.

Here's an example with a rate of $100 per hour:

  • A booking for 1 person for 1 hour would display the price at $100.
  • A booking for 2 people for 1 hour would show the price as $200.
  • A booking for 2 people for 2 hours would show the price as $400.

Setting price by Appointment Types

Instead of calculating price per slot, you can also set prices for each appointment type you offer, under TImes & Availability > Appointment Types. 

This is a better option if your prices don't calculate that easily, for example, a 1-hour session doesn't equal the price of two 30 minute sessions, or your initial consultation is more expensive the subsequent visits. 

If you allow users to book more than one appointment at the same time, the {PRICE} will be calculated by adding up all of the appointment types selected.

Using the {PRICE} shorthand code

With Payments turned on, you can add the question type Price to your booking form. To show the price to bookers, use the {PRICE} shorthand code on the confirmation page or in your confirmation or reminder emails.

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