Allowing multiple bookings per time slot

Multiple bookings per time slot allows you to have multiple people book during the same available time slot. Set the maximum number allowed and will show that time as free until the number is hit.

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Activate multiple bookings per time slot
Using {UNITS} on Booking Form & Confirmation emails
Working with Multiple bookings
Completing blocking out time slots
Using Custom Availability and Multiple bookings per time slot
Group sessions through Zoom

The maximum number of bookings per time slot is 50, and the setting applies to all appointment types on your booking page.

Activate Multiple bookings per time slot

Under the Times & Availability > Duration & display, click Allow multiple bookings per time slot to activate this feature.

Set the number of bookings you want to take in each available time slot, and save your changes. 

As you receive each booking in that your open time slot, it will appear as an individual event in your calendar. After your set number of bookings has been received, that time will no longer be available for booking in

If you have a busy event on your calendar during that time - it will still allow people to book in that time slot, but the busy event will take up one of the available slots. To learn how to fully block that time with a busy event, click here

Using Units on Booking form & Confirmation emails

With this feature is activated, a new question will be added to your booking form, with the question "How many do you need?" You can edit this question to say anything you want by clicking the pencil next to the question.

  • If you want to allow bookers to take up more than one of the time slots, leave the question there. It will provide a drop-down so the booker can select the number they want. 
  • To prevent a booker from taking more than one slot, remove this question from your booking form by clicking the trash bin next to the question. Then each booking will only take up only 1 of the available time slots.

You can refer to the number of slots a booker has reserved by using the {UNITS} shorthand code in your emails. For example, your confirmation email can include the line "You've reserved {UNITS} spots for the demo on {START-DATE}."

Working with Units per slot

Each individual booking will appear as one event on your calendar. 

The number of slots taken by each booking is controlled by a simple code in the event description. If a booker takes more than 1 slot in a booking, you will see YCBM-UNITS-X in the calendar event description, where X is the number of slots they have reserved.  You can adjust this number manually directly in the calendar event and will update automatically.

If you have Units per Slot set to 5 but you only want to take 1 booking at a certain hour, create a busy event on your calendar and put YCBM-UNITS-4 in the description of the event. This will block out 4 slots and only leave 1 left for booking.

If Units per slot is set to 5, you need 5 bookings or 5 busy events for a time slot to become unavailable for additional bookings. 

How to completely block out time 

When Units per slot is greater than 1, will allow you to take multiple bookings in a time slot, or be booked on top of existing events on your calendar. If you want to be completely unavailable during a certain time, you will need to "soak up" the units by putting the phrase YCBM-OVERRIDE-UNITS into the event description of your busy event on your calendar.

Using Custom Availability and Units per slot

With Custom Availability you don't have to worry about "soaking up" the slots on all of your existing busy events on your calendar. To block out time simply delete that Custom Availability event from your linked calendar. 

Group sessions through Zoom

Our Zoom integration is currently in beta and does not support Group Sessions. This means if you have units per slot > 1, each booker would receive a separate unique link for their appointment, and would not appear in the same room at the same time.

Until our integration is able to support Group Sessions, we recommend sharing a static link in your confirmation emails and calendar events when using units per slot.