Controlling how events are added to your booker's calendar

You have a number of options for making sure an appointment is added to your customer's calendar as well as your own. 

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Invite Participants to your calendar event
What's Google Quota Temp?
Adding a Different Event For Bookers
Using "Add To Calendar" links

Invite Participants to your calendar event

Navigate to the Notifications & workflow > Calendar events.  

Toggle Invite participants to your event to On to automatically add a booking to your bookers calendar. 

The title, description, and location can all be customized. This is how the booking will appear both on your calendar and your bookers. They will also receive an calendar invitation email generated by their calendar provider. 

You can add other email addresses so other people can also receive the event in their calendars at the time of booking. 

If you add participants to your calendar event after it has already been created by, the event will be added to their calendarsBut if you reschedule, the event will not be updated for those additional.  Only the booker and the booked are correctly changed to the new time.

In some cases, a booker's calendar settings will prevent from adding the event to the calendar automatically.  For this reason, we recommend also including the 'add to calendar' links below to your emails so bookers can add the event manually if it hasn't been added automatically.

Google Quota Temp

Google sets limits on the number of times within 24 hours that your calendar can be accessed. We can see this happen if there are a high volume of bookings happening and the "invite participants" feature is turned on.

With this feature on, we will try to add that event to all of the calendars on the booking form via your calendar (they are added as invites on your calendar event). If this happens too often - Google prevents further access until the period has ended.

If you are expecting a high volume of bookings in a short period of time, instead of the Participants feature, you can set up the "add to calendar" links on your emails which will allow the booker to add the event to their own calendars and won't cause the same issue. 

Learn how to use Add To Calendar links here: Using "Add To Calendar" links

Different calendar event for bookers

The other option is to set a  different calendar event for your bookers. This can include any title, description and location that you like. In this case, you want to use our "Add to calendar" buttons in your emails so your booker can download this customized event directly to their own calendar.

If you don't want the booker to see the same calendar event as you, you can turn Participants off. Turning this off means the event will not be automatically added to the bookers calendar, but they will need to use the Add to Calendar buttons in the confirmation email to add the event to their calendar. 

To edit the booker calendar event, toggle participants off and then click on Booker calendar event. Edit this event title, description and location for your booker to manually add to their calendar. 

Using "Add To Calendar" links

You can add the following shorthand codes to your After booking confirmation page and to your confirmation emails:


You can translate these buttons into your target language too