What payment methods do you accept?

Payment for your subscription must be made by credit card. We accept all major credit and debit cards, including Visa, MasterCard and American Express. We do not accept Paypal payments. 

We only accept checks, purchase orders or bank transfers for long-term agreements for larger accounts and by prior agreement.

Add a credit card

  1. Click the Settings chevron next to your email address
  2. Click Billing
  3. Add your credit card under Saved payment methods

Set a default credit card

If you have multiple cards on file with us, you can select which card you want to the subscription to go on by clicking Set default.

Edit a credit card

If you need to change your credit card details, you can delete the current credit card details and then add a new payment method.

Delete a credit card

To delete a card on file, click the red X next to that credit card under Saved Payment Methods.

Why is my payment failing?

We sometimes see issues with credit card payments because we are a UK company and the banks can be suspicious of international transactions. 
If you're able to contact the bank to authorize the payment, that usually helps.  

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