Using SMS reminders

SMS (text messages) are an excellent way to send your bookers a confirmation or reminder before the booking and can help keep your bookers engaged, reducing no-shows.  

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Purchase SMS credits on your account
Add SMS question on your booking page
Add SMS message in your notifications
How SMS replies are routed on your account
View sent messages on your account
Other FAQ

Purchase SMS credits on your account

SMS credits can be purchased by both free and paid accounts, as the credits are purchased outside any monthly subscription costs. 

1 SMS credit is 160 characters. SMS credits can be purchased on the Your Account page by clicking Buy SMS credits.

SMS Credits are 7¢ (US) / €0.05 (EUR) / £0.05 (GBP)

Purchasing 200 credits or more will qualify for volume discount. Use the slider on the SMS purchase page to select how many SMS you'll need. 

Add an SMS question to your booking form

For to send SMS messages, we must validate that the number entered on the booking form is a mobile number. 

To successfully send SMS messages on your booking page, add a new question to your booking form, and select Phone Number as the question type. 

Set a shorthand code for the question, and ensure the box Mobile Phone is checked. You can decide if you want the question required on your booking form.

Add a SMS Message to your Notifications

You can trigger SMS to yourself or your booker at any of the action triggers under Notifications > Actions. 

The content of the SMS reminder is editable – you can use the same standard text for all your bookers or use shorthand codes from your booking form (as shown) to personalize the SMS relevant to their booking. 

The number of credits each SMS will spend depends on the message length - an SMS of 160 characters or less is 1 credit, a longer message will take 2 or more credits. You will see an approximate SMS counter in the right corner of the message you create. 

Special characters can trigger an encoding which increases the character count. For example, é, â, ä, ' " and more. Any links (to your website, to cancel or to reschedule) and shorthand codes will add additional characters.

  • This link will tell you if you have any unicode characters in your text message.
  • This link will tell you how many segments your text message will be. 

For the SMS to send correctly to your booker you must send to an applicable phone number on the booking form. This can be the shorthand code {PHONE} or another one you set.

How SMS replies are routed on your account

When a booker replies to an SMS message they receive, that reply is turned into an email. 

If you are using Teams on your booking page

The SMS reply will go to the team member's email that received the booking

If you have Gmail integrated with

The SMS reply will go to the Gmail address integrated with

If the Contributor or Administrator on your account received a booking

The SMS reply will go to the account email address of the Contributor or Administrator

All other SMS replies will go to the Account Owner email address. All SMS replies will send from Clicking Reply on the email will send the response to the bookers email address. 

View sent messages on your account

On your Account page, click View Messages to see the status of sent SMS messages on your account.

The status page will show you if an SMS succeeded or not. If it shows failed, please ensure:

  • The number they entered on the booking form was a valid mobile number
  • You have sufficient credits on your account
  • The question type on your booking form is correctly set to "Phone number" with "Mobile phone" checked.

Other FAQ about SMS

What happens when my client replies to the SMS message?

When your client replies to an SMS message, that reply is turned into an email. Where the email is sent depends on the factors listed above. 

How can I reply back to my client via SMS?

To respond to the client via SMS, you would need to copy their mobile number into your personal mobile device and send a reply via text.

Can I personalize the number that sends the SMS?

It is not possible to personalize or customize the number that sends the SMS to your bookers. we offer region specific numbers, based on the location of your booker - otherwise the sending number defaults to a US number. You may want to first identify yourself in the beginning of the SMS message you configure. 

Can my client opt-out from receiving future SMS from me?

Bookers can opt-out from SMS messages by replying to SMS with any of these words: STOP, STOPALL, UNSUBSCRIBE, CANCEL, END, or QUIT

My status page says an SMS succeeded, but my client didn't receive any message?

Some mobile providers have begun filtering out unknown numbers in an attempt to reduce spam SMS. has no control over regulations set by individual mobile phone companies. Please reach out to support to confirm if this has happened with your client. 

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