Managing Billing details

The Account Owner can make billing updates on the account to change the credit card on file, change the billing cycle, update the billing address, download invoices and more.

Access the Billing page from the top right navigation menu, or click here

1. Click Update subscription to increase or reduce the number of calendars on your subscription. 

2. Click Change billing cycle, to change your subscription from monthly to yearly, or vice versa.

3. Click Pause or Cancel subscription to temporarily pause subscription when you don't need your account. 

4. Click View to download any existing invoices on your account.

5. Under Saved payment methods, View the current credit card on file. Click the X next to a card to remove it from your account.

6. Click Add new payment method to add a new credit card on file. 

7.Click to Edit billing address on file. This will change will be applied to any future invoices issued on your account.

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