Walkthroughs: Notifications

What is it?

A schedule of emails and SMS to you, your team and your bookers, at every stage of the booking

Use it to reduce no shows & keep up with your schedule

  • confirm the booking with you, your team and your booker
  • customize emails with exactly the message you want
  • set up reminders to go out before the booking
  • send messages when a booking is accepted / rejected / cancelled / rescheduled
  • automatic follow ups after the booking
  • manage integrations with 3rd party apps like zapier
  • setup webhooks to pass data into other systems 

Get email and text alerts:

How to set it up

1. Review the default actions already set up in Notifications > Action 

2. Create new actions and alerts for your bookings by pressing the '+' sign

3. Customize every step of the communication

4. Create test bookings to see what emails are sent

Going further - Advanced settings

Use shorthand codes from your booking form to send dynamic data into your notifications

Integrate your Gmail account to send emails direct from your inbox, see a copy of all your notifications in your sent folder

Activate Tentative bookings to set up accept / reject for your bookings

Integrate a Zapier account and start talking to your other applications and systems

Use Zapier to integrate with Salesforce

Create custom webhooks to update your specific systems 

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