Offer both 1-1 and group sessions

There are 2 ways to offer both one-on-one session and group sessions on your account.

Option 1: Set up separate booking pages

This is the easiest solution. Set up two booking pages

    • On this booking page, set the number of people you want to book into a group session, along with the availability of your group sessions. 

If both booking pages are linking to the same Google or Outlook calendar, they will share availability, so make sure the times of both sessions do not overlap.

Optional: on your own website, create a landing page where your customer clicks the title of the appointment type, and that link takes them to the booking page for that session. After booking, redirect them back to your website

Option 2: Use OVERRIDE-UNITS on same booking page

If you only want 1 booking link, and you want to use our Appointment Types feature instead, you can - although this workaround is fairly complex.

First, under Times & availability > Duration & display, you would set the highest number of bookings you want to take in one group session.

On your booking form, remove the "How many do you need?" question, so each person only takes 1 slot.

Under Times & availability > Appointment Types, create 2 appointment types, one for group sessions and one for 1-on-1.

Third, go to Notifications > Calendar events and add a conditional statement to add a line to "soak up" all the units when a 1-on-1 session is booked. 

Essentially you would use something like {IF}{TYPE-NAME}{EQUALS}1-on-1 session{THEN}YCBM-OVERRIDE-UNITS{ENDIF}:

This means that if someone selects "1 on 1 session" appointment type all of the available units will be used up with that YCBM-OVERRIDE-UNITS added to the calendar event. More info on overriding at the end of this article.

If someone books a group session, they will take just 1 unit, and allow others to book at that time.