Walkthroughs: Create more options with multiple profiles

What is it?

Separate booking grids for increased flexibility in setting your schedule.

Use it when

  • Your team members have very different availability
  • Each of your colleagues wants their own URL 
  • Providing different appointments in different locations 
  • You want to assign team members to specific services
  • You take payment for some, but not all, of your bookings
  • You operate in more than one language

How to set it up

1. Create a separate profile for each of your appointment options by clicking on 'new profile' on your dashboard.

2. Or set up a template and click on copy to get an exact duplicate.

3. Create a URL that makes sense and link to the correct calendar - profiles can all link to the same calendar, or to different ones.

Going further - Advanced settings

1. Have a mix of profiles on your account - one for the whole team and one for each person

2. Create a landing page on your own website giving the options to choose from. When the booker selects, they link straight through to the correct profile 

3. Assign team members to specific Appointment types. Create a profile for each appointment type and add the right team members to it. 

4. Or create a profile per team member if that's what your customers choose first.

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