Walkthroughs: Offer different options for your Appointment types

What is it?

Create choices for your customers - different options can all be handled on the same booking grid.

Use it to

  • offer a range of appointment types
  • have different length appointments
  • charge different amounts for different appointment types
  • Note: if you need different settings for each type - for example, group sessions vs 1-1 meetings, or different days of the week - use the  Profiles feature instead

How to set it up (2 options):

1. Allow your customer to decide how much time they need:

You can set a minimum and maximum length for your appointments so customers can choose what suits them.

This automatically adds a ‘Duration’ question to your booking form which provides a dropdown for bookers to choose the length of time they want. The dropdown will include all durations available for the time slot that is chosen

2. You set the amount of time for each appointment:

The Appointment types feature allows you to set up a ‘menu’ page listing the types of appointments you offer. You can set length, price, as well as add a description and image

When you turn on Appointment types, two information lines will be added to your booking form to let people know the Appointment type they have chosen. 

Going further - Advanced settings

1. Use the shorthand code {SERVICE-NAME} to quote the type back to your customers in your emails and SMS.

2. Allow customers to choose more than one service type in the same appointment slot. 

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