Create bookings that don't start at the top of the hour

If you want to have 1 hour meetings, but have some of them start on the half hour or quarter hour, you can do this by changing the grid display on the Times & Availability > Duration & Display page. 

For example, to have 1 hour appointments that can start on the half hour:

  1. Set the grid to display 30 minutes slots
  2. Set the duration to Fixed duration to 60 minutes

This will create 1 hour appointments that start on the half hour as well as on the hour. 

When you're using the Custom Availability feature, the Custom Availability events in your calendar will show in as available for booking when they coincide with a start time that appears on the booking page.

When Using Appointment Types

If you are using appointment types, the duration of the booking will be set by the individual appointment settings.

  1. Click Times & availability > Appointment types
  2. Select the Individual appointment
  3. Change the duration (it can be any increment of your grid display)