Using Passthrough and Hidden Questions on Booking form

Sometimes you want to pass data into your booking but may not want bookers to edit it, or see it. This could be data like Account numbers, IDs, or tracking information. 

There are two question types on the booking form that can help: PASSTHROUGH and HIDDEN

These two question type function like "Short Answer" in that they can take data and you can designate Shorthand Codes for them. These shorthand codes need to be capitalized, and they also have specific functions. 


PASSTHROUGH questions will appear on the booking form, but the data you send through from your website will not be editable. It requires  data in the URL to fill that in. If there is nothing in the URL, then it will appear blank. 

For example, if you're sending through an ID number, your passthrough question would have a Shorthand code {IDNUMBER}, and your passthrough URL would look like:

When your booker selects a time, the field will be populated like this: 

HIDDEN questions 

Hidden questions work in the same way but will not appear on the booking form. 

The URL you share would look like this:

After your user chooses a time, this field will not appear on the booking form: 

You can display this information on the Calendar Event or the confirmation email to yourself using the corresponding Shorthand code. 

When you create your notifications to your customers, don't include the shorthand code and it won't show.

Working with your passed-through data

You can use the data you passed into your booking form on the other end as well. Any question with a shorthand code will be added to your data export.

You can also use these shorthand codes that you have set for the hidden or pass through question in any Zaps you set up with our Zapier integration, and in webhooks

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