Using Passthrough and Hidden Questions on Booking form

You can pass data into your bookings that you don't want your booker to see or edit, like Account numbers or tracking information. You can pass this data in discreetly with Passthrough and Hidden questions. 

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Using Passthrough Questions
Using Hidden Questions
Managing your data

Using Passthrough Questions

Passthrough questions will appear on the booking form, but the data you send through in the booking link will not be editable by your booker. 

Create a new question on your booking form, and select Type Passthrough Question. Give the field a label and a shorthand code.

To pass data into the booking, you will need to include that data in the booking link URL. If there is nothing in the URL, then it will appear blank. 


Passthrough question is Account ID, with the shorthand code ACCOUNTID.

The URL you would share would include ACCOUNTID and the bookers specific Account ID

When your booker selects a time, the field will be populated like this: 

This field will be included in the {FORMFIELDS} shorthand code and can be referenced in your calendar event or any emails to yourself or your team by including the shorthand code you've assigned. 

Using hidden questions

Hidden questions are similar to passthrough questions, except they are hidden from the booker on the booking form, and are not included in the {FORMFIELDS} shorthand code.

Create a new question on your booking form, and select Type Hidden Question. Give the field a shorthand code.


Hidden question is tracking the source of the booker, with the shorthand code SOURCE.

The URL you would share would include SOURCE and the location you've posted this link:

After your user chooses a time, this field will not appear on the booking form: 

To display this data in confirmation emails or in the calendar event, include the corresponding shorthand code. 

Since this is hidden question, you can choose whether to display it to your booker simply by not including the shorthand code in communications with them.

Managing your data

Export data

Any question with a shorthand code will be added to your data export, so you can have a full csv file of your bookers data. 

Pass data into another system

You can use these shorthand codes that you have set for the hidden or passthrough questions in any Zaps you set up with our Zapier integration, and in webhooks