Can my client book more than one appointment at a time?

Each booking made through carries its own unique ID that is used to communicate with the booking and send any scheduled notifications. Due to this, each booking from your client needs to be made separately. 

You  can add a pre-filled link that will help to speed up the process for additional bookings. 

Follow this guide to add this link to the thank you page, confirmation email or even a cancellation email. When the booker clicks on the link they'll just need to select a time and the booking form will be pre-filled with the information used in their last booking. 

In this article:

Set your shorthand codes 
Create your link 
Encode when necessary
Make the link clickable
Pre-filled booking link example

Set your shorthand codes

On your Booking Form > Questions, assigned each question a shorthand code.

First name = {FNAME}
Last name = {LNAME}
Email = {EMAIL}
Phone number = {PHONE} 

Each shorthand code will pull through the data your booker inputs when they make their initial booking. You will use each of these shorthand codes to construct a link that will pre-fill the booking form with that same data, saving time for their next booking.

Step 2: Add the link to the After Booking page

The follow up booking link for the shorthand codes listed above would be:{FNAME}&LNAME={LNAME}&EMAIL={EMAIL}&PHONE={ENCODE}{PHONE}{ENCODE}

You'll want to put this link on Booking Form > After booking, in the "Display confirmation message" box. You can also include this same link in your confirmation emails. 

Step 3: Prevent the link from breaking with {ENCODE}

Wrap the shorthand code in {ENCODE} if there are any fields that your booker might potentially enter a space to prevent the link from breaking. For example, if you ask for their First and Last name in one line, you'll want to use {ENCODE} around the shorthand code you assign to that field.

Wrap the {PHONE} code before and after with {ENCODE} to prevent it from breaking the URL.

Step 4: Make the link clickable with Markdown

Once you have your link constructed, you can make it clickable on your After Booking page or in your confirmation emails using Markdown. Highlight the link and use the link icon to make it clickable with your desired text.

Live Example: Mary books a second appointment

Mary selects her first appointment for Monday, April 18 at 9am and fills out your booking form with this information:  

  • First name: Mary 
  • Last name: Jones 
  • Email address: 
  • Phone number: +12485551212

She clicks "confirm booking" and it brings her to the thank you page. Her information has been filled into the curly tags in the link, so it will look to them like:

Mary clicks that link, allowing her to select their next day/time for an appointment. When she comes to the booking form, it is already filled out, all she has to do is click Confirm booking again.

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