Embed your booking page on your website

You work hard to get customers to your website or social media pages. Make sure they don't have to leave them to make a booking with you. Our embed modal makes embedding your booking grids fast and easy - even on mobile. You can find it on the settings pages with all the options and simple copy & paste instructions for getting you up and running fast.

Embedding an iFrame
Embedding with a Redirect URL after booking
Embedding with the Header & Footer
Embedding in Wordpress
Embedding in WIX
Embedding in Squarespace
Embedding in PageCloud

Embedding an iFrame

From your dashboard, selecting the booking profile you want to edit. Next to Edit settings, click the dropdown menu and select share & embed

On the pop-up window, click Embed and select Copy Embed Code. Paste this code to a page on your website.

Embedding with a Redirect URL after booking

If you choose to use the redirect to a specific URL after booking feature and you embed your grid into your website, check the box "Update the whole browser window when using an iframe" so that the redirected URL will load correctly, instead of in the iframe itself.

By default, the embed code we provide strips the header and footer from your booking page, and only displays the booking grid. If you want to embed your booking grid with the header and footer, you'll want to change it to &skipHeaderFooter=false.

Your embed code will look like this: 

<iframe src="https://testpage.youcanbook.me/?noframe=true&skipHeaderFooter=false" id="ycbmiframetestpage" style="width:100%;height:1000px;border:0px;background-color:transparent;" frameborder="0" allowtransparency="true"></iframe><script>window.addEventListener && window.addEventListener("message", function(event){if (event.origin === "https://testpage.youcanbook.me"){document.getElementById("ycbmiframtestpage").style.height = event.data + "px";}}, false);</script>

Embedding in WordPress

  1. On YouCanBook.me click Edit Settings for the booking profile you want to embed. 
  2. Click the Share & Embed button on the left hand menu.
  3. Click Wordpress on the modal, and follow the directions

Embedding in WIX

WIX prevents the embedded site from firing correctly by sandboxing the iFrame. Reach out to Wix support if your embed is not working properly. 

  1. Go to the Wix Editor
  2. Click on "Add" (the +) on the left-hand column.
  3. Click on Apps (you may need to scroll down to see it) and then "HTML".
  4. You will see a box appear on the web page. Click on that and choose "Settings".
  5. For "Mode", choose "HTML code" from the drop-down list. 
  6. Paste the HTML code that you have copied from YCBM into the HTML box. 
  7. Click on Update (you may need to scroll down to see this).
  8. Your schedule should appear in the box. You can use the Drag Handle to resize your box to fit the schedule.

Embedding in Squarespace

You'll need to use the Code block to embed your booking page on Squarespace. 

  1. Copy the embed code.
  2. In your Squarespace site, open a page or post editor.
  3. Add a Code Block to a page.
  4. Paste the code into the block. 

Embedding in PageCloud

PageCloud has created their own step by step instructions on how to embed your profile into your site. 

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