Confirmation emails not being sent

You can track your notifications on the Actions Timeline. If you see your notifications are failing, let's try to figure out why:

Login to your account. From the dashboard, click Edit Settings on your booking page.

Did the booker enter the wrong email address?

If you see your booker has made a mistake on their email address, you can edit their email. This won't resend the original confirmation email, but will ensure they receive upcoming notifications you have scheduled.

On your bookings page, click Details next to the booking you want to edit. Next to their email address, click edit to correct their email address.

Is the field in the booking form is set to 'Email'?

On your booking form, the email you collect must be Type 'Email address' and Shorthand code EMAIL. Any other combination, and our system won't recognize this field as an email address, and confirmation emails will not be sent. 

Did the booker unsubscribe from our emails?

To comply with UK and US data protection laws, unsubscribe links are at the bottom of all the emails we send out. So your booker could have clicked on that. Please contact us and we can confirm this is true, and by their request we can re-subscribe them to our emails.

Are booker's emails bouncing back, blocked by spam filters, or some other block their end?

We can check and filter for any email address of a booker on our transactional email platform within 30 days of being sent. So if your booker says they haven't received an email or reminder, reach out to us with their email address and we can tell you what has happened with it. Most common reasons are:

Hard bounce — The server was unable to deliver your message (ex: unknown user, mailbox not found).

Auto responder — Automatic email responder (ex: "Out of Office" or "On Vacation").

Soft bounce — Unable to temporarily deliver message (i.e. mailbox full, account disabled, exceeds quota, out of disk space).

Spam complaint — The subscriber explicitly marked this message as spam.

Is your domain DMARC protected?

Your work domain may have a DMARC policy stopping us from sending emails 'from' your work address. Once we run into this DMARC failure, all emails will send from instead of your DMARC protected domain. 

You can integrate a Gmail based account directly to send notifications from that email address. Or, if you still want emails to send from your domain, get in touch with our Support team so we can add DKIM support for your email domain.