Sharing your booking page online

Once you've setup your booking page you'll want to make sure you share it online to start taking bookings. offers a number of sharing options so that you can easily spread the word about your booking page.

Set your booking page online

The first thing to be aware of is your custom booking link. This can be found by viewing your booking pages on the dashboard. 

While you're editing your booking page, you'll also see your link listed in the top menu bar. Click that link at anytime to see the live version of your booking page - this is how it will appear to your bookers. You can also use the Live booking page on the left menu bar.

To share your page, use the Share & Embed option on the left menu bar. You can also access this on your Dashboard by clicking Edit settings.

It's a great idea to add your booking page link as a signature to your emails. If you select URL, you can copy your booking page url and embed it directly into your email signature. If you would like your URL to read something like "Click here to make a booking", you can create a clickable link via your email client. Please refer to your email client's help page for reference. You can also generate a QR code.

Click Social, and you can share your booking page on your favorite social media network.

Click Button to get an HTML snippet to share a "Book Now" button on your website. 

Or you can embed your booking page in your website.

Other resources:

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