Cancellation & Rescheduling Settings

You can set limits on how close to the booking that someone can cancel or reschedule, and also modify the message that is displayed when they cancel.

Cancellation & Rescheduling limits

In Notifications  > Actions, click the "Edit cancellation & reschedule limits" link.

Set the limits for how close to the start of an appointment your client can cancel or reschedule. Type the message that will display if the booker tries to cancel within these set limits. You can also require a reason for cancellation to be given by clicking that box. What they enter in this box will be included on the booking export data. 

If you want allow your booker to cancel up to the start of the event, enter 0 hours. 

User cancels

When a booker cancels, they will see a cancellation code. You will receive the email you have set it up in the Actions section. You can use Shorthand Codes like {CANCELLATION-REASON}  and {CANCELLATION-CODE} so you know what they have said.  The appointment will be removed from your calendar and the time will display as available again. 

User reschedules

Alongside the cancellation link in your confirmation emails, you can send the user a reschedule link. This will take them to your booking page of available times that they could move their booking to. Once they select, the event on your calendar is moved to the new time. The other details about their booking remain unchanged. Again, you can set the alerts you need in this situation. 

You reschedule or cancel the booking

There are a number of ways you can adjust bookings after they have been made.  

By default, your booking confirmation email contains links to cancel and reschedule the booking. If you want to send the booker an email to let them know of the cancellation, the cancellation page allows you to choose to send a message to the person who made the booking.

Users on our paid plan can also cancel through the bookings page of their account (just click on the 'details' button).  This option also allows you to send the booker a message to let them know of the cancellation.

If you don't need to let the booker know about the cancellation, you can just delete the event directly from your calendar. That will cancel the booking without triggering a cancellation email and will display the time as available again. 

Translating the Cancellation Link in your Confirmation Emails

You can translate the links in your email by following these steps.