Create direct URLs to team members

The flexibility that comes from using for your online bookings means you can offer any combination of team members, and appointment types that your business needs. 

In many cases, you’ll want to give bookers a choice of the team member or the appointment type. But sometimes, only one option will work.  

Maybe there is a specific team skill set needed, or maybe your customer has already told you the type of appointment they want, earlier in the process. 

In these cases, you can provide a URL to the booker that pre-selects the option they need. 

Create direct URL to a team member

To create a direct link to a team members page, use the URL string

To link directly to Michelle's availability on this booking page, the URL would be:

The spelling and capitalization of the team members name must match exactly in the link as it is on the Team section. Any spaces in between names should be replaced with a + sign to prevent the link from breaking.

There other ways to pre-fill information in the URL to make it easier for clients to book with you, including pre-selecting the appointment type, or pre-filling the booking form.

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