Create a booking page template

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When you would need to setup a template
Creating the booking page template
Adding template to user accounts

When to create a template

If you have a number of colleagues who are using, you can make sure everyone's booking page has a consistent look and feel with our template-creation feature.

This allows you to invite accounts to be part of your admin billing account and give all your sub-accounts a template of your own making so everyone has the same settings.

Any sub-account that joins your paid account and creates a new booking page on their dashboard will have their page created with your set template. 

It's important to note that any changes made to the template after the sub-accounts are set up won't filter through to the sub-account booking pages. They will need to be updated individually. So it's best to have it as close to where you need it as possible before the sub-accounts get started. 

Create a booking page template

1. Create a booking page on your account. Edit the booking page link so that ends in -template

Calendar & teams

Under Calendar & teams, toggle Teams to On and add 1 single team member. Link to their calendar. Select the box "assume no preference." 

This allows you to use the shorthand codes {TEAM-NAME}, and {TEAM-DESCRIPTION} throughout your template to refer to sub-account owner throughout the booking process. 


In the confirmation and reminder emails to the booker, use the shorthand code {ACCOUNT-EMAIL} as the "from" address for notifications to automatically pre-fill the email address of the sub-account.

Adding template to user accounts

Once your template is setup just the way you need it, navigate to Account > User accounts and send invitations for colleagues to join your account

If your sub-account uses the invitation to create a new account, it will be created with the template on their dashboard.

If your sub-account already has a at the time you invite them to join your admin account, they will need to click "Create new booking page" on their dashboard, and it will be created with the template in place.

Each sub-account will just need to Edit the settings on the template, edit the booking page link, and under Calendar & teams verify their calendar is linked to the team member. 

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