Create a template profile for your colleagues

If you have a number of colleagues who are using, you can make sure everyone's booking grid has a consistent look and feel with our template-creation feature.

This allows you to invite accounts to be part of your Billing account (see here for more on  Billing for more than one account) and give all your sub-accounts a template of your own making so everyone has the same settings.

How to setup a template

1. Create a profile on your account that ends in 

2. Click the settings chevron on the top right corner, click account > User Accounts.  

3. Invite a colleague to join your account. 

If your colleague has not yet created a account, when they click on the invitation link they receive from you they will need to give permission for you to manage their account, and then account will be created with a profile that is based on your template. 

This also works for your existing sub-accounts.  Anyone who is already part of your Billing account just needs to create a new profile on their account. It will automatically create one based on your pre-made template. 

Once that is done, all they need to do is to verify the calendar it is linking to is correct on the Calendar & Teams page, and make any other specific changes like email to/from addresses in the Notifications & workflow section.

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