Troubleshooting incorrect or "No Availability"

YCBM is essentially a public facing layer on your connected calendar or calendars. The system will show when you have free time during the working hours you select. 

If you are seeing a "No Availability" message or if your availability is not showing up as you expect this guide will walk you through a few questions to ask to determine why you are showing as not available.

Something is blocking your time or a setting is setup that is preventing more availability from coming through.

A few things to check:

Are there busy events on your calendar?
Are there declined events on your calendar?
Are your working hours correct?
Is Calendar Managed Availability setup correctly?
Did you check your breaks and fixed start/end dates?
How is your Grid Display set?
Do you have Padding enabled?
What is your minimum and maximum notice?
Reach out to support.

Busy events on your calendar 

Any event on your linked calendar set to "Busy" will block you from being booked within YCBM. 

To resolve this and open availability on your booking page, either delete any event from your linked calendar or adjust the event from "Busy" to "Free." This could be an all day event.

Tip: To see if YCBM is finding busy events on your linked calendar, navigate to Times & Availability > Duration & Display in your booking page settings. Temporarily increase the Group Booking to 2. If availability shows up on your booking page, that indicates there is a busy event blocking that time slot.
Google Calendar

Click into the event and use the pencil icon to edit. Within the calendar event you can mark things as "Free" and then "Save"

Microsoft Calendar

Click into the event and click the pencil button to edit. Then click on "More Options" and in the top menu move "Busy" to "Free" and then "Save"

Declined events on your calendar

If you don't see any busy events on your linked Google calendar, make sure you have your calendar set to Show declined events, as these will also block your availability after you've declined them.

To resolve declined invitations blocking your availability, delete them from your calendar.

Set working hours in YCBM

YCBM will only display booking times that fall within the set working hours you've configured on your booking page. Head to Times & Availability > Availability in your booking page settings, and make sure that the days you're available for booking are checked, with the correct hours set.

If you uncheck all days under Set working hours, you'll become unavailable for booking. 

Calendar Managed Availability setup

When you select Calendar Managed Availability on your booking page, the preview window will say no availability until YCBM finds events created on your linked calendar that match your key phrase that you've set in Step 2. The key phrase on your event needs to match exactly how you've set it in your booking page settings, and the event needs to be marked as "Free." 

Only where those matching events are found on your calendar will those corresponding times be displayed for booking. 

98% of issues with Calendar Managed Availability can be resolved following this step by step guide.

Check your Break / Fixed Start & End Dates

1. Breaks

The break times you set under Times & Availability > Availability will be completely removed from your booking page. Make sure your break is not set to 12am instead of 12pm. Remove the break to open up availability on your booking page.

2. Fixed Start/End dates

If you choose to set a fixed start and end date, only these days will show available for booking. Extend these dates to allow more days to be booked. Also check that your maximum booking notice encompasses your fixed end date. 

Grid display is greater than available time

Under Times & Availability > Duration & Display section, make sure your Grid Display and booking duration are at least the length of the time you are available. 

  • If you've set your working hours as 8am - 5pm but set a grid display/booking duration of 12 hours - no availability will display
  • If you've created 1 hour blocks with Calendar Managed Availability, your booking duration cannot be shorter than 1 hour or those times won't display for booking

Padding is blocking available time

Padding is added to the beginning and end of every event booked through YCBM as well as every existing event on your calendar. Padding can reduce availability if it is set too high. 

  • 1 hour of padding on a 1 hour booking will require 3 hours of continuous availability on your linked calendar to display a time for booking. 
  • Consider adjusting your grid display to set smaller padding. 
  • Use Calendar Managed Availability to pad your bookings directly on your linked calendar. 

Minimum & Maximum Booking Notice

Minimum booking notice prevents last minute bookings but can reduce today's availability. 

Maximum booking notice prevents bookings too far in the future, but can reduce future availability. Both are a rolling setting to the hour, based on when your booker views your page. 

  • Reduce minimum booking notice to allow more same day bookings.
  • Make sure your maximum booking notice covers the date range of your fixed start/end dates.

Still need help?

If these tips haven't resolved your issue, use the Get Help button in your account to contact our Support Team, they'll be happy to help troubleshoot further. To resolve the problem quickly please provide the following in your support request:

  • A clear screenshot of your Google or Microsoft calendar that isn't displaying correctly.
  • A full view of your calendar so we can help diagnose any other events that may be blocking the time from showing.
  • Make sure declined invitations are visible on your calendar. 

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