Troubleshooting incorrect or "no availability"

Having your availability display correctly is essential in setting up your booking page. 

While is an incredibly customizable tool, there are a lot of settings to check when certain booking times aren't available, or your booking page says "No Availability."

Troubleshooting tips:

Check busy/declined events on your calendar
Check your availability settings
Check your Custom Availability setup
Check your break and fixed start/end dates
Check your grid display
Check your padding settings
Check your minimum and maximum notice
Try Availability diagnostics (BETA)

Busy or declined events on your calendar 

Any busy event on your linked calendar will block you from being booked within Remove any event you don't want to block you from being booked in, or adjust the event from "busy" to "free."

Test to see if is finding busy events on your calendar by going to Times & availability > Duration & display and setting units per slot to 2. If availability shows up on your booking page, then there is a busy event blocking that time slot from being booked. 

If you don't see any events immediately, make sure you have your calendar set to show any declined invitations, as these can also block your availability after you've declined them:

Check your Availability Settings

Within, make sure you've checked the box next to days you want us to display availability. If the box is not checked, that day will be completely greyed out and unavailable for booking. 

Make sure Custom Availability is setup correctly 

With this feature activated, the next step is to go to your linked calendar and create events matching your set title during the days and times you want to be available for bookings. These events need to be set to free (the default is busy) and align with your selected Grid display (set under Times & availability > Duration & display). 

Only where we find these events on your calendar will be displayed for booking. 

More Custom Availability troubleshooting can be found here

Breaks / Fixed Start & End Dates

The break you set under Times & availability will be completely removed from your booking page. So if you set a 4 hour break those times will not appear for booking. Remove or reduce your break to open availability.

If you choose to set a fixed start and end date, the date range must include the days you want to show as available for booking. 

Grid display is greater than available time

Under Times & availability > Duration & display section, make sure your Grid display and booking duration are at least the length of the time you are available. 

  • If you indicated you're available 9am-12pm every day - your grid display & booking duration cannot be more than 3 hours.
  • If you've created 1 hour blocks with Custom availability, your booking duration cannot be longer than 1 hour or those times won't display for booking

Padding is blocking your available time

Padding is added to the beginning and end of every event booked through as well as every existing event on your calendar. Padding can reduce availability if it is set too high. 

  • 1 hour of padding on a 1 hour booking will require 3 hours of continuous availability on your linked calendar to display a time for booking. 
  • Consider adjusting your grid display to set smaller padding. 
  • Use Custom Availability to pad your bookings directly on your linked calendar. 

Minimum & Maximum Booking Notice

Minimum booking notice prevents last minute bookings but can reduce today's availability. Maximum booking notice prevents bookings too far in the future, but can reduce future availability. Both are a rolling setting based on when your booker views your page. 

  • Reduce minimum booking notice to allow more same day bookings.
  • Make sure your maximum booking notice covers the date range of your fixed start/end dates.

Try Availability diagnostics

You can also turn on Availability Diagnostics in YCBM Labs to further diagnose why a time slot isn't showing for booking.