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Join us for our Getting Started Webinar where we will walk you through the basics and how to have a great booking experience for your bookers. eliminates the back and forth of booking appointments, saving you time to do more important things. 

With the calendar you choose to integrate with your account, we see the free and busy times and automatically block out times that you're not available, so you're never double-booked. Your customer visits your booking link, selects an available time, and that new event is created directly in your calendar and theirs. 

   You can manage all your events scheduled by like your other calendar events. 

  • Reschedule an event by dragging and dropping it to a new date and time - directly on your calendar. 
  • Cancel an event by deleting it from your calendar. 
  • Block out holidays by putting a busy event in your calendar. 
  • Manage your availability directly in your linked calendar, through a browser on your desktop or with your mobile device. integrates with Google and Microsoft Outlook 365 calendar accounts. Integrate your calendar account and then decide which calendars on that account you want to link to your page. You can link multiple calendars with our paid plan.

Because integrates with your existing cloud-based calendar, all of the data is stored on your calendar account, and is completely under your control. 


What is the difference between a calendar account and a linked calendar?

Your calendar account is your Google or Microsoft calendar that you've connected on the Integrations page. You can integrate as many calendar accounts as you need - there is no charge for these separate integrations.

Your linked calendars are the calendars you link to for availability on your booking page. These can be your own personal calendars, or your team members calendars that have been shared with you. 

I have personal and work calendars, can you check both and only display when I'm free?

Yes, we can check multiple calendars and only display the times where you're available across all calendars. This will increase your subscription, as the price is based on the number of calendars we check for availability. More about how to set it up here: Checking multiple calendars for availability.

I have a team of employees - can they all take bookings on a single booking page? 

Use the teams feature to connect each employee's calendar to the booking page. You can display their combined availability, or have your customers choose the specific team member they would like to work with.

The calendar I want to check for availability isn't displaying during Calendar & Teams. How do I fix that?

If you don't see the calendar under Calendar & teams, it means it is not associated with an account you've integrated with To resolve this: 

How much is my subscription if I check more than one calendar for availability? 

Your monthly subscription is based on the number of calendars we are checking for availability. The basic paid plan starts at $12/month for 1 calendar. More on pricing here.

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