Change the sending email address on your notifications

By default, the emails that are sent to your booker come from your account email address. You can modify this to send these emails from another email of yours, or the Team member that was booked on a team booking page.

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Change the sending email address
Verify the new sending email address
Send a notification from the team member that was booked
How to change sending email with Gmail integrated
Gmail is integrated but the sending name is different?

Change the sending email address

For the booking page you would like to edit, navigate to Notifications > Actions

Under the first notification trigger After new booking is made, click on the Confirmation email to Booker. In the section From, click Edit next to your email to change the sending name, and in the From email box, select "Add Email address" to enter the new sending email address. 

You will be prompted to verify that you own this email address.

Repeat this process to change this sending email address on any reminder, reschedule, and cancellation email notifications you have setup to go to your booker.

Verify the new sending email address

Your account email address is automatically verified through when you create your account. 

You will need to verify your email address when you attempt to send an email from a email address that is not your verified account email address.

Follow the Send verification email link in the alert to confirm that this email address belongs to you. Use the link in the verification email to verify your email address. 

Send the email from the Team Member booked

On a team booking page, you can select to send the email from the team member booked by selected {TEAM-EMAIL} from the dropdown menu.

My notification says I have Gmail activated. How can I change the sending email address? 

If you go to your notification to booker and see this message, that means you've integrated your account with Gmail. All emails will send from this email address. 

To disable this, you'll need to go to the Integrations page and Disconnect your Gmail integration. Your Gmail integration is separate from your Google calendar integration. Then you can go back to the Notifications section and edit the email address that sends emails to your bookers.

Confirmation email shows a different name than Gmail integration

If you had a different name in the "From" section of your notification to booker before you Integrated Gmail, that name may appear on your sending emails. To fix this, you'll need to go to the Integrations page and remove your Gmail integration.

Then you can edit the name in the From field under Notifications. Once that name has been edited, you can go back to Integrations and reintegrate Gmail. Future notifications will send with the correct name on your email.