View number of linked calendars

Your account subscription is based on the number of unique Google or Outlook calendars that are being actively checked for conflicts across all of your booking pages. 

Any booking pages set to offline do not count against your subscription total, but setting all booking pages offline does not cancel your subscription.
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View Account Owner linked calendars
View team members linked calendars
Adjusting subscription

View Account Owner linked calendars

To see how many calendars are being linked from your personal shared integrations, navigate to your Integrations page. Under each integrated calendar account you'll see "Linking to x calendars" from this account. Each of these linked calendars is being counted in your subscription. 

Click on that number to expand it and see which booking pages are linked to which calendars in that calendar account. 

Click  Show usage to see which booking pages are connected to a particular calendar.

Click  Edit calendars to unlink that calendar from a booking page. Once a calendar has been unlinked from all of the associated booking pages, you'll be prompted to reduce your subscription.

View team members linked calendars

You can find out how many calendars each of your team members are linking to on the Team Management page in your Account settings.

A total number of calendars being used across all of your team members shared calendars will be displayed on the right side of the page. Click Update subscription if you are using more or less calendars than your subscription. 

Click Manage next to a particular team member to see how many calendars from their shared integrations are connected.

Adjusting subscription

Based on the number of calendars linked across your account, you can adjust your subscription. 

If you are linking to the correct number of calendars and see a message in your account that you are "linking to more calendars than you're paying for" you'll need to upgrade your subscription to continue using your account without disruption.

You can also decide to unlink some calendars to clear that warning. 

Setting all your booking page offline will not cancel your subscription entirely. If you're looking to cancel or pause your account, click here

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