Set up your booking profile in 5 steps

Follow these steps and have your booking page ready for the public in no time.

Link your Calendar 
Create a Custom Booking Link 
Set your Availability
Set Meeting Length
Check your timezone will read your linked calendar for free and busy times to display your correct availability. We need at least 1 calendar linked to your account to look for availability and create new events. 

When you first signed up, you chose one calendar to integrate with You can find it on the Calendar & Teams page of your profile.

Select the calendars you would like to search for availability - and then which calendar it should write new events to.

You can integrate other calendar accounts on the Integrations page

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2. Choose your booking profile URL

Your booking profile is what you share with your customers and clients, so make it something easy for them to remember! 

When you initially set up a booking profile, the system will suggest a booking page URL for it. You can edit it by going to your Dashboard, clicking Edit settings on the profile, and editing it under General.

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3. Set your Availability

Under the Times & availability section, you will set your weekly schedule. These are the general times you are available to be booked. will display these times as available for booking every week, but will automatically block out times you already have meetings or events on your linked calendar.

You can also set up a lunch break that occurs every day, or set a fixed start and end date if you only are available for a specific range of dates. 

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4. Set your meeting duration 

On the Times & Availability > Duration & display section, you will set how long your bookings will be. Set your Grid display first - this will be the increments or blocks of time displayed on your booking page. The minimum increment is 10 minutes. The booking duration can be any multiple of your grid display. By default these are set to 60 minutes. The duration of your bookings is dependent on your grid display. 

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5. Check the timezone for your profile

In most cases, will auto-detect the time zone from your linked calendar correctly. However, if you see your times are displaying incorrectly, check that it is not auto detecting UTC. If it is, uncheck the box "Automatically detect time zone from my calendar" and select the correct time zone from the drop down box. 

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